Why You Should Be Power Flushing Your Central Heating

Why You Should Be Power Flushing Your Central Heating

Your central heating requires maintenance just like the rest of your equipment. Power flushing has several benefits. Read on to learn why you should do it!

The summer season is a great time to do maintenance on your central heating system.

Temperatures may be heating up outside right now, but with summer halfway over the cold weather is on its way!

Here is an overview of why you should consider power flushing your central heating to ensure your business or home is warm in the winter months.

What is Power Flushing & Why Do I Need It?

Power flushing is a fast and effective way to clean the various types of central heating systems.

During a power flush, the heating engineer will use cleaning products and an external pump and filter to remove sludge and debris from your system.

Debris builds up in your system as water oxidises the metal parts that are present. As this debris accumulates it can cause blockages that will reduce how your heating system performs.

As this debris accumulates it can cause blockages that will reduce how your heating system performs.

If you notice any issues with the heating in your building, it may be a sign that you need to flush out the system.

Power flushing will cost around £300, depending on the way your system is set up and the number of radiators.

Don’t let the price make you panic. A power flush will save you money in the long run.

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Save Money on Your Bills

As mentioned above, the debris and sludge that builds up in your heating system as a result of corrosion can affect how well the unit works.

You might notice that certain rooms don’t heat as well as others, that the building doesn’t warm up quick enough, or feel cold spots on your radiators.

In cold seasons, you’ll probably keep your heating system running for longer periods of time.

All of this is a recipe for more expensive monthly heating bills.

If you include power flushing in the regular maintenance of your heating system, you’ll save money each month as your system will work better.

Along with saving money on your monthly bills, you’ll also cut costs on central heating repairs.

Improve the Lifespan of Your Heater

Like a car or any other machinery, a central heating system will eventually break down and need repairs if it’s not kept in tip-top shape.

The worst case scenario is a system that is so damaged that it needs to be replaced.

The minimum cost of a new central heating system is around £4000!

A furnace or boiler repair costs an average of £250-300 per repair.

Imagine multiple repairs throughout the winter and you see how costs can add up quickly.

Power flush your system to keep it clean and prevent breakdowns or costly repairs.

With piping and components that are free of sludge, your system will have less strain over time.

Wrapping it All Up

To keep your system in shape, your costs down and your customers, employees, or family warm, consider cleaning your heating with a power flush.

Have any questions about how to get started with power flushing? Let us know your concerns and we’ll be happy to help!

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