Why The Adoption Of Innovative Catering Equipment Is Crucial To Business Model

Why The Adoption Of Innovative Catering Equipment Is Crucial To Business Model

Find out how to make your kitchen more efficient & ensure longevity of your machines without wasting your money on commercial catering repairs.

If you are running a catering business you are well aware that commercial catering repairs do not come cheap. Now the best way to avoid or at least reduce this cost is to adopt innovative catering equipments in your business. Today, when technology has come pretty far, catering equipments are not much behind too. Innovative catering equipments are the best way to ensure optimal service and lesser repairing cost.

What Are Innovative Catering Equipments?

Any advanced catering equipment that uses innovating technology to make it more efficient and sustainable can be termed as an innovative catering equipment. With many large catering corporations paving the way by using modern technology to achieve and enhance business goals, today innovative equipments have come to the forefront of catering industry. Driven by newer technologies and unique ideas, these catering equipments boost efficiency and enhance sustainability.

Commercial Catering Equipment Repairs

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How innovative catering equipments can lower the cost of commercial catering repairs?

By nature, innovative catering equipments are more efficient and sustainable. These characteristics go a long way in lowering the cost of commercial catering repairs.  Here’s how:

  • Efficiency: By adopting innovative catering equipments one can save a lot of energy. But energy is not the only savings here. Many equipments use water or chemicals to run and the newer technologies help reduce the use of those too. When your equipments are running by using lower energy, chemicals or water; the wear and tear reduces naturally and the repair cost comes down.
  • Sustainability: Another characteristic of these new age equipments are sustainability. This means the equipments are made of materials engineered for this particular purpose. So, by course of using, the materials do not degrade or degrade very slowly. Thus, there are lesser chances of damage and in turn lesser maintenance cost.
  •  Auto maintenance: Proper cleaning and maintenance is of huge importance to keep your catering equipments running for a long time. With newer technology, many equipments today come with auto clean technology; this means the equipment will clean itself with the touch of a button.  This helps in maintaining hygiene and also boosts productivity. When your equipments are well maintained, the chances of damage automatically come down and so does the cost of repairing them.

Some innovative catering equipment:

There are many innovative catering equipments that catering services worldwide are adopting. Low oil fryers, energy saving refrigeration, energy saving air conditioning are the most used innovative commercial catering equipments at the moment. Here are some new technologies that came in forefront during the Food Service Equipment Journal’s prestigious competition for “most innovative kitchen products”.

  • ‘Ovention Matchbox 360-12’ by Gamble Foodservice Solutions: This one is a super efficient oven that has over 600 menus pre-programmed in it. The machine can bake, grill, broil, roast and of course cook with the help of any other equipment. It reduces the need of various different types of oven and thus goes a long way in saving purchasing and repairing cost.
  • ‘Frymaster FilterQuick 2FQE3OU’ by Manitowoc Foodservice: This is an advance fryer that can fry using 40% less oil and 10% less power. The equipment also have a sensor that monitors the oil quality and recommend changing it from time to time.
  • ‘De Manincor Total Control System’ by De Manincor UK: This one is a software that’ll link all your commercial kitchen equipments and let you control them from one platform only. Thus it boosts productivity and efficiency.
  • ‘Multiple Choice’ by Carpigiani UK: Multiple choice is a new age ice-cream machine that can produce three different types of ice-creams and four variations of milk-shakes simultaneously. The machine has the potential to a long way by producing more in lesser time.
  • ‘PT Climate Plus’ by Winterhalter: This one is basically a combination of dishwasher and air conditioner with the capability to cut down 53% of your energy bill. It functions like a regular dishwasher, but when the room temperature is more than 25 degree Celsius the machines emits dry cool air and lowers the room temperature.

Well, innovative kitchen products may be a little costly to begin with, but once you consider the amount saved in energy or oil or any other expense; they seem to be a great choice for any commercial catering service. More over with enhanced automation, efficiency and sustainability the equipments have lesser chance of getting damaged and thus the cost of commercial catering repairs comes down pretty significantly too. In view of all the benefits on offer, this can be rightly said, that adopting innovative catering equipments are the need of the hour. These equipments will not only make your kitchen more efficient and productive but also will ensure longevity of your machines without spending big bucks on commercial catering repairs. 

Commercial Catering Equipment Repairs

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