Underfloor Heating Cost

Electric & Wet Underfloor Heating Installation & Running Costs

Cost of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating (UFH) is one of the most luxurious additions to any home, offering an unparalleled level of comfort on the coldest of winter days.

Many people think that UFH is simply too expensive for them though, and therefore never look into having it installed in their home.

We’re here to tell you that UFH really isn’t as expensive as you might think though!

This means that you may well be able to install this fantastic system and benefit from the comfort it brings.

Check out the page below to find out the real costs of installing underfloor heating in your home or business.

The first cost to consider is the cost of actually buying the equipment needed for underfloor heating.

There are two types of systems you can choose: electric or water-based.

Electric Underfloor Heating Cost

If you opt to purchase an electric system, you’ll find that the initial price is much lower. In fact, it is possible to find electric UFH systems for as little as £20 per m2.

Of course, as with many things, the more you pay, the higher the quality of the system will be.

Wet Underfloor Heating Cost

Water-based systems are more expensive to purchase. Typically, you’ll need to buy pipes, thermostats, valves, and the pump, however, many companies supply these in kits, making life much easier.

One of these kits will cost you around £500, and this will be enough to heat a floor of approximately 20m2.

Many of our customers opt to buy their own underfloor heating, before then employing us to install the system.

We are able to help source high-quality equipment though, which ensures you’ll get the best quality UFH possible.

If you’d like advice on buying your UFH system, why not call us today at 0208 252 8927?

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost to Buy?

Underfloor Heating Supply & Installation Cost Calculator

Once you have the equipment, you’ll need to hire a professional to install the system. You can technically do it yourself, however, installation can be complex – especially if installing a water-based system – so we’d recommend working with an underfloor heating specialist.

At PHS, we pride ourselves in offering the best possible service, without charging you exceptionally high prices.

It is impossible to tell you exactly how much an underfloor heating installation will cost though, as this depends on a number of factors, including the type of system, how large the floorspace is, and whether UFH heating has been installed previously.

To find out how much it will cost to install UFH in your home, please contact us. We can then send a member of our team to you, so they can create an accurate and competitive quote.

The following charts give you an idea of what the cost should look like.

Water-based UFH Cost (In-Screed System)

UFH system designed for new builds or if floor build-up is not an issue (usually 50-100mm insulation, 65mm screed)
(no insulation or screed)

Water-based UFH Cost (Between Joists System)

UFH system for joisted floors, pipework goes between joists, no floor build-up at all
(no insulation, including aluminium plates)

Water-based UFH Cost (Low-Profile Overfloor System)

Low-profile UFH system usually for retro-fit projects – can be laid on actual floor (floor build-up about 18mm + finish floor)
(including gypsum boards)

(*) The prices above include supplying and installing UFH pipework, manifold, and pressure testing the system.

(**) Prices do not include connecting the manifold to the boiler and installing wiring and thermostats.

Electric Underfloor UFH Cost (No Insulation)

Elektra underwood & laminate heating mat (140W/m2) with high-end thermostat

Electric Underfloor UFH Cost (With Insulation)

Elektra underwood & laminate heating mat (140W/m2) with high-end thermostat

(*) Prices do not include PHS markup

Underfloor Heating Running Costs: Wet Vs Electric

The final thing to think about when it comes to the cost of an underfloor heating system is the ongoing cost.

The first thing to say is this: an electric system is far more expensive to run than a water-based system.

For example, heating a 20m2 room for a year using the electric system will cost approximately £450, while heating the same area with a water-based system will cost under £100.

Of course, costs may vary, depending on your electricity and water suppliers’ rates.

The fact that electric UFH is so much more expensive means that, after a few years, the savings gained by initially installing an electric system are wiped out.

Therefore, please think about the long-term costs as well when considering which underfloor heating system to purchase and install.

Please be assured that we will always install your system in a way that maximises its cost-effectiveness. We can do this as we have loads of experience in the installation of UFH and our engineers are some of the most knowledgeable in the business.


The running costs have been based on a standard electricity price of 14.4p/kWh and a domestic natural gas price of 2.8p/kWh (correct as of June 2019).

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Electric vs. Water-Based UFH: Pros & Cons

One thing that you might be slightly confused about is electric vs. water-based underfloor heating systems. Both can do a fantastic job for you in your home, so let’s compare them below…

When it comes to cost, electric heating has the lowest initial set-up price, by some distance.

As we’ve already mentioned though, the ongoing costs of using an electric system are significantly higher. So, you’ll have to weigh up short-term costs vs. long-term costs when choosing which to opt for.

In terms of effectiveness, both do their jobs, however, we believe that a water-based system is a more effective option in most circumstances. This is something that our experts can go over you with when making initial plans for your new UFH system.

Finally, there’s the environmental factor. Water-based systems have a much smaller carbon footprint, and this is especially true if you choose to connect them to solar panels – something we can certainly do for you. If you’re conscious of the environment, definitely opt for the water-based system.

Learn which UFH system is perfect for your home by calling or emailing us today!

Why Install Underfloor Heating in Your Home?

If you’re still not convinced about installing underfloor heating in your home, here are a few great reasons to take the plunge:

  • Exceptional levels of comfort, even on the coldest days
  • Can be connected to solar panel systems
  • More cost-efficient than using radiators
  • Suitable for rooms of all sizes
  • They’re much more affordable than you might think!

Underfloor Heating Cost FAQs

It is possible to install an electric system yourself, however we’d recommend leaving it to the professionals. Water-based systems can be very complex, meaning that professional installation is the best choice.
You won’t usually need to get planning permission to install underfloor heating in your home. Of course, you might need to get permission if you are living in a listed building though. For more information, contact your local council.
The vast majority of flooring types can be used with underfloor heating. Some are better than others though. Stone works particularly well, as can wood. If you do have wooden flooring, please contact the manufacturer and check the maximum heat the floor can manage.
Water-based UFH systems will work with all types of boilers, including vented, wood and condensing. This means that everyone has the ability to have an underfloor heating system in their home.
No, underfloor heating is not instant. Just like radiators, the heating will need time to warm up – the exact time depends on the system you’ve chosen and the size of the room. Timers can be used in order to get the system to turn on exactly when you need it.

Contact PHS Underfloor Heating Engineers

So, now you know everything you need to know about installing underfloor heating in your home and the installation and running costs.

Whether you opt for the electric or water-based system, we can help make your dream become a reality.

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