3 Signs That Your Business Needs an AC Repair Service

3 Signs That Your Business Needs an AC Repair Service

Is your air conditioning unit costing you more than you think? Click here to learn when exactly it is time to invest in a quality AC repair service.

When your office’s air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly, it’s nearly impossible for employees to think clearly — or get any work done at all.

If possible, you need to stop that problem before it starts. To stay on top of your AC unit, you need to be vigilant.

This means you need to recognise the possible warning signs that your system is in need of professional AC repair services.

Read on to discover three of the biggest tip-offs that there’s a problem.

1. Your Bills Are Incredibly High

One of the first — and most likely to be noticed — signs of a need for AC repair?

Skyrocketing energy expenses, even if your business hasn’t been using the unit any more than usual. In some cases, a faulty AC system can account for up to 70% of your utility bills.

The likely reason for these higher bills is two-fold. First of all, the problem could simply be caused by a filter that’s in need of a cleaning.

If it’s been a while since you had your filter cleaned or replaced, the coating of dust, dirt, and other allergens won’t just make your office uncomfortable and increase your bills.

It may also be a serious health hazard to your employees.

Additionally, there may also be a problem with your condensing coil. It’s likely that it too, is in need of a cleaning — a job best left to a professional.

2. Your Office Feels Humid

Have you recently noticed that, even when you crank up the AC, your office still feels sticky and uncomfortable?

This excessive humidity isn’t in your imagination — and it likely indicates a serious problem with your unit.

However, if you attempt to fix the problem by turning up your AC and lowering the temperature of your office, you’re only going to end up losing even more money.

The humidity in your office could be rising due to several possible problems with your AC unit. First, it could simply be that your unit is too large for your office space.

Also, this issue could arise because you’ve chosen a unit that only allows you to run your AC at a single speed. This leads to problems with consistency, which can increase the humidity in your office.

Finally, your ventilation system could be to blame. With a faulty system is combined with high humidity levels outside, all that happens is that your system encourages that humid air to come inside your building.

It’s time to call in an AC maintenance service if the temperatures and humidity levels in your office are getting too hot to handle.

3. Your AC Unit Is Making Strange Noises

Odd clicking, buzzing, and rattling from your AC unit isn’t just a huge annoyance to your employees. It’s essentially a cry for help from your cooling system.

If you’re lucky, the noise could be caused by nothing more than a screw that’s come loose and gotten trapped in the unit.

However, these clicks and ticks could also mean there’s an issue with your fan blade or the motor itself.

You may need to replace some parts of the unit, or a simple lubrication may get the job done.

Need An AC Repair Service?

To get these problems handled quickly and effectively, you need to rely on an experienced repair service you can trust.

That’s where we come in.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can get your AC unit up and running again, and help you to increase productivity in your office.

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