Oil Boiler Service in Colchester

Installation, Repair & Maintenance | Oil Boiler Engineers

PHS has specialised oil boiler engineers who are able and ready to service, install, repair or maintain your oil boiler in Colchester and the surrounding areas.

Our heating engineers have ample experience in the servicing of oil boilers and whether you need us to optimise the efficiency of your boiler, identify faults or help you detect dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, you can rely on us.

Whether your request is regarding a commercial or domestic oil boiler, our team will be more than happy to assist with your needs.

Oil Boiler Service Colchester: Installation, Repair & Maintenance
Oil Boiler Service Colchester: Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Our Oil Boiler Services in Colchester

Here are the primary oil boiler services that we offer to clients.

  • Installation, repairs, servicing and maintenance of oil boilers
  • Annual appliance servicing
  • Repairing and replacing commercial oil boiler systems
  • Pipework repairs and replacements
  • Inspections for legal compliance
  • Landlord services
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Consultations regarding oil boilers
  • Emergency callouts and 24-hour repair and maintenance service

If you have an urgent enquiry then don’t hesitate to contact us for an immediate quote or callout to help with your issue.

Our aim is to keep you and your family safe with our specialist knowledge in oil boilers

Why Service Your Oil Boiler? 

Many people know that they need to have their oil boiler serviced, but they don’t actually understand the specific reasons behind it. To help shed some light on the subject, here are some advantages of having your oil boiler serviced by PHS.

  • Ensures that your Gas Safety records are up to date and accurate
  • Tests performance of your oil boiler to ensure it’s operating efficiently and safety
  • Detect any faults that could cause long-term damage or issues
  • Keeps your appliances working safely to reduce risk
  • Gas tightness test and purging on the pipework
  • Full safety record that shows everything we’ve done and any faults we’ve found

Oil boilers can be dangerous appliances if you fail to maintain them or service them on an annual basis.

Our experienced heating engineers in Colchester are skilled and registered with Gas Safe (Registration No.: 507113), meaning you can have peace of mind when we’re working on your oil boiler.

Simply ask our oil boiler experts for their official identity card and they will be glad to display it to you.

If you’re moving into a new home or need an oil boiler replacement, then we’ll be happy to help you install it safely and also assist in thoroughly testing the appliance to ensure that it works and passes inspection.

Oil Boiler Engineers

Oil Boiler Specialists in Colchester

For further enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01206 580 481 to reach our Colchester office.

We take each client seriously and we’re open to virtually any oil boiler issue that you may have.

Our years of experience and satisfied customers are just a testament to our dedication to providing you with an impeccable service.