Why You Need to Hire a Professional for Your Water Leak Repair

Why You Need to Hire a Professional for Your Water Leak Repair

If you have a water leak, you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself. This article will reveal why you need a professional for your water leak repair.

According to DiscoverWater.co.uk, more than three billion litres of water leaks every day. Waterwise.org.uk in this article says leaking taps waste at least 5,500 litres of water a year.

Whenever something goes wrong in your business or home, the impulse is to try to fix it yourself. And that’s a good impulse.

However, water leak repair can be a tricky business. Water seeps into weird places and travels in odd directions.

We want to point out a few things we hope will encourage you to call a professional when faced with a slippery situation like a water leak.

They Know Where to Look

Have you ever brought your car in for repair because it’s making a weird noise you can’t identify? Sure enough, your mechanic takes one look and knows it’s the radiator.

You can’t help but look at them with astonishment. How could they have known without even looking under the hood?!

Surely, the answer is experience. Here at PHS, we’ve dealt with hundreds, if not thousands, of water and gas leaks.

Here’s a good example. If you notice signs of water damage on your basement ceiling, would you ever think to check the roof?

A leak in the basement doesn’t have to originate from the toilet just above. Its source can trace all the way up to the top of the house.

They Know All the Signs

Have you ever seen a copper pipe with a turquoise streak? That’s a tell-tale sign of a leak. The escaped water has caused the copper to oxidise.

Like that good mechanic who understands every sound a car makes, a professional will see the signs of a water leak and head straight to the source of that pesky, or even dangerous, leak.

They’ve Got the Tools to Fix a Water Leak Repair

Are you certain you have a leak but can’t detect its source? Do you have the right tools to seek it out? A moisture meter that will lead you right to the problem, but they can come with a steep price tag.

A true professional will have all the proper tools to carry out their job. While your home toolkit might be very well-stocked, the pros will have even newer gadgets to get the job done right.

They Get It Right the First Time

Speaking of which, a professional will know how to complete a water leak repair the first time around. What’s worse than spending your Saturday afternoon on a home project, only to watch it come back with a vengeance?

Being able to seek out the source of the leak is only half the battle. Detailed knowledge and a wide range of tools mean you’ll be set up for a solid repair – the first time around.

Reliable Service, ‘Round the Clock

Whether we’re talking about a residential, commercial, or industrial repair, you can be sure that when a leak springs, we’re here to help you.

Water damage can be devastating and it can happen quickly. That’s why a quick response rate is crucial.

Call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we’ll be at your doorstep. Beyond turning off your water supply, don’t try to fix things on your own!

Calling a professional will always be your safest bet for a stress-free solution.