How Can I Make My Central Heating a Power Saver?

How Can I Make My Central Heating a Power Saver?

Are you an environmentally conscious person and you want your home to be the same way? Here is how you can make your central heating a power saver.

Wouldn’t it be good to save the planet and reduce your bills?

Well, it’s actually not too good to be true.

It’s possible to become more energy efficient without compromising on your home’s heating.

Check out our top tips to make your central heating a power saver.

A Power Saver Digital Thermostat

The first thing you should do is to make the most of your central heating system with a thermostat.

A programmable digital thermostat can regulate the temperature when you’re not at home.

That means you can return home to a warm home, as your heating system will work more intelligently.

As a result, you can warm up your home for less energy, as it will start at the best points in the day.

Most digital thermostats will cost between £150 to £200. Yet, you could make greater savings over a long period of time.

The average annual duel-fuel energy bills cost £1,150. Yet the right digital thermostat could shave off up to £300 of the total cost.

Bleed Your Radiators

One way to save money right away is by bleeding your radiators.

This will release trapped air at the top of the radiator. It will clear the pipework so hot water will be capable of filling the entire radiator.

As a result, the radiator will become hotter, so you can enjoy more heat throughout your home.

How do you know if it’s time to bleed the radiators? The next time you put the heating on, touch the top of the radiator.

If it is cooler at the top than the bottom, they’ll most likely need bleeding.

Flush the Heating System

Power flushing the central heating system can be a great power saver.

Most people don’t realize their central heating system accumulates debris, sludge, and rust.

A power flush will remove all the unwanted particles, so you can restore the system’s circulation.

The warm water will be able to flow with ease throughout the pipes, radiators, and boilers.

This means the radiators will warm up at a rapid rate, and there will be next to no cold spots.

You will be able to enjoy more heat for less energy. That’s definitely a good way to become more environmentally friendly.

A Modern Boiler

Do you have an old boiler that’s resulting in considerable energy bills?

It might be time to trade in your old boiler for a new one.

An A-rated boiler is believed to be 90% more energy efficient. Not only that, but you could receive £270 cashback via the Green Deal to pay towards the installation.

Most heating engineers will also advise you to power flush your new boiler, too. This will mean you will receive as much benefit as possible from the new system.

So, stop boosting up the boiler only to waste both energy and money. Instead, invest in an energy efficient boiler to save both your money and planet Earth.

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