LINCAT Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

Installation & Servicing - London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

LINCAT Catering Equipment Repairs

Since forming in Lincoln in 1971, the Lincat name has continued to grow throughout the UK and we see many of our clients in London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk and Hertfordshire with these reliable, well-designed appliances. This is brand whose innovation has developed over years of harnessing their passion, dedication and putting in hard work.

Did you know that two of their top ranges, ‘Lynx’ the countertop electric equipment and ‘Silverlink’ the modular equivalent were launched and have been developed and improved since the early 80s?

They launched more and more products, introducing gas powered products to the market in 1988. This vast number of products and solutions offered by Lincat has grown in the last 40 years and it has become a big unique selling point for their brand.

LINCAT Equipment Repairs

London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

Not Just Fryer & Lincat Water Boiler Repairs

From cooking (oven, hobs, combi steamers, fryers etc) to preparation equipment (griddles, grills etc), from hot cupboards to display cases, from specialised pizza appliances to their renowned Opus 800 and Combi Steamers, it is clear to see that Lincat offer an unrivalled amount of products at competitive prices.

These products all share the similar ethos and messaging: cut running costs, enhance performance and save time/money on maintenance and cleaning.

But that is easier said than done.

The life of your appliances relies on several elements and the quality of the unit in the first place is obviously one of those factors.

This is followed closely by the initial installation right through to annual/regular services and extra planned preventative maintenance solutions which you should be applying to those units throughout their lifetime.

Picking an individual or a team of engineers to provide you with those services, as well as any reactive / repair problems that crop up along the way, can be a difficult task. Quite often it can be a more difficult decision than buying the product in the first place.

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Lincat Planned Preventative Maintenance Solutions

All Lincat products sold in the UK and Ireland from 1st June 2013 come with a two-year warranty but what we often see happen, is the warranty expires without business owners remembering and that’s when the problem occurs and it is not something that servicing or maintenance solutions can fix.

Obviously, this is the most expensive way to run a business, yet it happens to a lot of companies still. Why is that?

Rather than get yourself in financial difficulties or putting staff through any unnecessary stress, we recommend you look into Lincat planned preventative maintenance solutions.

However, if it’s too late or something untoward has already happened to your Lincat products and you require a repair, consider your choice of engineer carefully.

Many self-proclaimed experts and one man bands could potentially do more damage than good, so we always recommend you closely scope out providers before committing to contracts and packages.

LINCAT Water Boiler Repairs

London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

What to Consider While Looking for LINCAT Service Engineers?

Are they Gas Safe Registered? Trust the triangle. Only use a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure you are getting quality engineers that have been through the right training to meet all UK safety standards. All PHS engineers have this certification and we pride ourselves on their vast knowledge of these products.

Do they know about the brand of your assets? In this example, you are looking for Lincat catering equipment repairs, so check that any potential repair engineers are aware of the company, have high stock available and can talk in detail about your specific product.

Finally, do they do a good job, FIRST time? When it comes to being out in the field, are they providing Lincat catering equipment repairs ON the first visit? Or do they need to wait for spares to come in? Thanks to our engineers’ in-depth knowledge and our stocking capabilities we satisfy 9 out of 10 calls, first time!

Remember, for the last 30 years, Lincat have been on a winning streak. From winning CEDA’s ‘Best Supplier of Heavy Equipment’ four times to Caterer and Hotelkeeper ‘Excellence Awards’ and Catering Insight’s Catering Equipment of the Year award.

Why would you want to pair these award-winning units with anything but PHS’s quality catering equipment engineers to handle your units with the care and knowledge they deserve.