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Expert Hidden Water Leak Detection & Repair Services in Essex

Our water leak detection services help many domestic owners, landlords, tenants & businesses in all sectors (industrial & commercial) to deal with one or more hidden water leaks.

We can trace and repair water mains leaks, central heating system leaks, underfloor heating leaks, underground leaks, hot feed leaks, cold feed leaks & ground source heat pump leaks.

We are available to deal with your emergency water leaks in Essex and the surroundings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Water pipe leaks problems can often occur at the most unfortunate times, so we are always at the end of the phone to offer support and reassurance when you need it most.

Why you can trust us in an emergency water leak situation:

  • Prompt response for urgent tasks
  • No call-out fees, only transparent pricing
  • All water leak repairs come with a full guarantee and insurance
  • Precisely locate the position of your leak

By using innovative and specialised technology, we’re able to perform non-invasive leak detections with our equipment. We can determine what section of your piping has a leak, and we can do it with pinpoint accuracy without any damage to your property.

The biggest advantage of non-invasive water leak detection is that no damage occurs to the property. It can often be difficult trying to pinpoint where the hidden water leak is if the pipes are placed securely behind your walls, and it would take hours in addition to breaking down your wall in order to locate the source of the leak. We’ll make sure that we leave your home the same way we left it after patching up the leak.

With non-intrusive water leak detection, we use modern thermal imaging cameras that can identify where the leak is present. This is far better than guessing where the leak is, and it can prevent serious damage being done to your property as a result of aggressive water leak detection. However, even with all this high-tech equipment, it’s no good unless the engineer is trained in its use and has years of experience under their belt.

In addition to advanced technology, we’re also capable of using more traditional methods to detect leaks in your home. For example, we have a range of acoustic microphones and endoscopic microphones that can help us scour hard-to-reach areas for any traces of a leak. We’ll carry out all the tests and scans required to locate the source of your issue, and we’ll deal with it in a swift and efficient manner that won’t disturb your daily schedule.

Non-Invasive / Intrusive Water Leak Detection in Essex

Water Leak Problems

Some of the potential problems your plumbing leaks could lead to include:

  • Increased Water Bill
  • Central Heating System Stop Working
  • Oxidation Problems – Radiators & Pipes Suffering From Rust
  • Water Mains Supply Leaks Can Cause Subsidence of Land
  • Damage To Your Property – Walls, Flooring etc
  • Health Problems (ie Asthma)

What may seem like a small water leakage problem in the beginning, a simple water leak can become a huge problem with extremely costly consequences.

Why Trust PHS Engineers With Your Water Leaks

With years of experience under our belt, rapid response times and no call out charges, we offer the most competitive services that you can find in the South East. Our engineers are trained in the use of advanced equipment such as thermal imaging cameras so they can easily identify where your water leak is without damaging your property.

With several years of experience and plenty of knowledge, we’ll be able to deal with your water leak in a swift and efficient manner no matter the time of day. It’s arguably the most cost and time-effective method of detecting leaks that could disrupt the use of your plumbing.

Give us a call if you’re unsure whether non-invasive water leak detection is your best option or not. We’ll be happy to send out an engineer to search your property for the leak once you’ve booked us in for an appointment. In most cases, our engineers are capable of locating the leak without the use of advanced tools. Whether your home is fairly old or hyper-modern, our team can help you find the leak quickly and deal with it before it becomes a problem.

Our experience has given us plenty of knowledge on how to find water leaks with or without our advanced equipment. However, if you’re after safety, security and swift service, then our non-invasive water leak detection services will be perfect.

Water Leak Detection & Repair FAQs

Follow the steps below if you suspect a water leak on your property but can’t identify the source.

  1. Initially, turn off all your appliances and taps.
  2. Observe your water meter and record the reading.
  3. After waiting for 30 minutes, check the meter again.

If the meter reading hasn’t changed, it’s unlikely you have a leak. However, if there is a change in the reading, there is a water leak.

To determine whether the leak is inside or outside your property, proceed with these steps:

  1. Turn off all appliances and taps.
  2. Find your stopcock and turn it anti-clockwise to the off position — verify this by turning on a cold tap. If no water flows, the water has been successfully turned off.
  3. Record the water meter reading.
  4. Wait for 30 minutes and take another reading.
  5. Reactivate your water by turning the stopcock clockwise.
  6. Check the water meter again — if the readings have changed, the leak might be situated between your meter and stopcock.
  7. If there’s no change in the meter reading, the leak could be minor and inside your home (post-stopcock). It’s advisable to contact a specialist immediately.

Hidden water leaks can arise from a variety of sources. Here are some of the primary reasons:

  • Corrosion
  • Wear and tear on older pipes
  • Pipes that were installed incorrectly
  • Pipes that have frozen
  • Issues within central heating systems
  • Cracks within the plumbing network
  • Nearby construction impacting your plumbing
  • Tree roots and other subterranean obstructions

‘Trace and Access’ cover refers to a specific provision found in many Home Insurance policies. It covers the costs involved in locating the origin of a water leak within your property. Identifying the source of a leak often involves complex diagnostic work which can include digging or removing part of the building’s structure, such as walls or flooring. This type of cover is beneficial as it helps manage potentially high costs of uncovering hidden problems without damaging more of the property than necessary.

Although Trace and Access cover is a common feature in standard Home Insurance policies, it’s always wise to review your policy documents or have a conversation with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of what’s covered. They can provide a detailed explanation of the terms and any conditions that apply.

The most frequent spot for a hidden water leak in a home is often within the bathroom, particularly around toilets and under bathtubs. These areas are susceptible because the plumbing is usually concealed and can deteriorate unnoticed. Leaks can also frequently occur in walls where pipe joints and connections deteriorate over time, but remain out of sight, slowly causing damage. Another common area is beneath kitchen sinks where connections to dishwashers and waste pipes might slowly leak without immediate signs.

1. Check your Water Meter

Your water meter can tell you if you have a fast or a slow leak in some part of your plumbing. This is how you should check for leaks.

First, make sure that all the faucets, dishwashers, and washing machines are turned off. All the water in your home or building must be shut off.

Next, observe the meter and see if it there’s a change. If there is, that means you have a fast-moving leak. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait two hours and check again.

If there’s a change, you’ve got a slow leak.

2. Locate the Leak

Determining whether the leak is happening inside or outside the property is the next water leak detection step. To do this, you have to find your home or building’s main water shutoff valve and shut off the water.

Then, see if the leak indicator moves. If it does, the leak is inside. If it doesn’t, the leak is outside between the meter and the property. Call an expert if you cannot locate the leak.

3. Look for Obvious Signs

Do you see stained ceilings, carpets or walls? These are very obvious signs that you have leaking pipes or roof.

If you have a dripping faucet, the good news is that you may just need to replace its washer.

As for toilets, you can detect obvious leaks by uncovering the tank and checking if there is any water dripping. If it’s dripping out of the fill valve, consider tightening a screw or replacing it.

4. Check Everywhere

DIY water leak detection is doable but you have to be thorough. Don’t just stop at toilets. You must check everything – hoses, sinks, hot water heaters, and so on.

Checking under hot water heaters is especially crucial because an undetected leak can lead to a major water mess. We’re not just talking about damage to your walls and floors. A water heater failure can cause a full-on flood. This will destroy your property — and your wallet.

5. Get Professional Help

For water leaks that aren’t so easy to spot, you’ll need the help of a qualified professional. They can provide non-destructive solutions.

You also want to make sure that you’re getting help from someone who can curtail your water bills. This is especially important if it concerns a commercial property. Be practical. Spend your money on long-term fixes instead of stop-gap measures.

Detect and Fix Your Essex Water Leak Today

If you suspect that you have a hidden water leak, please do not delay contacting a professional. If you do delay, you could find that the problem becomes more serious, leading to extensive damage and much more inconvenience. 

If you are unsure whether you have a water leak, we would encourage you to call us as soon as you can. You’ll then be able to speak with an expert over the phone, who can guide you through what you should do next.

We offer our emergency water leak detection and repair services in Colchester and across Essex including but not limited to:

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