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Expert Central Heating and Boiler Leak Finder Services

Our water leak detection and repair service is designed to help you with the result of a central heating leak. We operate in London and the surrounding areas, bringing relief to thousands of residents.

As a top leak repair company, we’re in a great position to help you with your central heating woes. Central heating leaks are dangerous as they can cause a lot of water damage to your home, such as the presence of dampness and mould. It can cost lots of money to eradicate both these issues, which makes it all the more important you deal with leaks ASAP.

It’s natural to wonder why your central heating system is leaking when you find out this is happening. Thankfully, we send out a professional heating engineer to visit your property and find the cause of the leak. Generally speaking, central heating leaks like this are quite serious business as they indicate internal problems with your boiler or the water pipes.

As with gas leak repairs, it’s never advised to repair a water leak by yourself. Always call an engineer and wait for them to deal with the issue rather than take things into your own hands.

There are many reasons your central heating system could be leaking, but most issues can be split into three categories; problems with boiler componentsproblems with boiler installation or problems with central heating pipes. More often than not, if you notice your boiler leaking water from the bottom, this could indicate issues with how the boiler was installed. Perhaps whoever installed it didn’t connect the pipes correctly or use a strong enough seal, and water started to leak through after a while.

However, if you notice your boiler leaking water from the inside, then it might point to internal issues with the boiler itself. There could be a broken valve, corrosion on the inside, and many other problems.

Regardless of what’s causing the leak, as leaking boiler repairs experts, we can deal with any issues that present themselves, and have your boiler fixed and functioning properly in no time.

Why Is My Central Heating System Leaking?

Our Central Heating Leak Finder Service in Essex

If you have a central heating or boiler leak in your home, you can trust our expert engineers to find the cause of the problem quickly.  They have a huge range of hi-tech leak detection equipment at their disposal, from thermal imaging to acoustic detection, meaning that even the best-hidden leaks will be pinpointed.

In 99% of cases, you’ll find that our leak finder service is completely non-destructive. We won’t pull up floorboards and damage walls as we search for the source of the leak, meaning that you won’t be left with a mess to clean up afterwards. It’s all part of our effort to make everything as easy and stress-free for you as possible.

Once we have located the source of the leak our fully qualified team members can then advise on how it can be fixed. In fact, they might be able to fix the problem there and then, with a minimal amount of fuss.

Whatever the engineer finds, you can be sure that they’ll talk the results through with you before taking any remedial action.

Central Heating Leak Detection in Essex

The worst thing about central heating leaks is that you can often see the water damage occurring, but not realise where the leak is coming from. Our highly skilled engineers have visited many customers that have said to them “I can’t find my leak” only for it to transpire that their central heating was the cause of the leak. If you look at your boiler and everything seems dry and fine, then the leak could be from a central heating pipe instead.

Give us a call, and we’ll send out an engineer to work as a leak finder for you. They’ll figure out where the leak is coming from, what’s the cause, and how to fix it. Rest assured they’ll give you a quote for their services before they do anything. It’s vitally important you deal with central heating leaks as soon as possible, as they can leave long-lasting damages to your property.

At PHS, we’ve been in the business for years and understand how to carry out any task with the utmost efficiency and care. If you live in Essex or any surrounding area and are constantly searching for central heating leak detection and repair services, then your search is over.

Some problems that could occur through inaction include:

Central Heating Leaking FAQs

Leak detection is an accurate form of finding water leaks in your central heating sustem. Utilising advanced equipment, leak detection can give an accuracy rate of upwards of 90%. This high accuracy rate means that minimal damage will be inflicted upon your home and that you can get the plumbing issue sorted as quickly as possible.

To check for any leaks, ensure that the radiator is on. Water is only pumped into the radiator once it has warmed up and when it does, you’ll notice drops of water seeping from the radiator.

In 99% of cases, a boiler losing pressure means a leak — it’s as simple as that. Unless the dial sits at 0 even when topped up (which could be a sign of a faulty pressure gauge), there’s a leak somewhere – even if you can’t see it in the boiler or the heating system.

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If you suspect that your central heating system or boiler has a leak, please do not delay contacting a professional. If you do delay, you could find that the problem becomes more serious, leading to extensive damage and much more inconvenience. 

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Finding Leaks in Central Heating Systems

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