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Water Dripping from Boiler: How to Fix a Boiler Leaking Water from Bottom

Leaking Boiler Repairs in Southend: Our boiler leak repair service is designed to help you in the result of a central heating leak. We operate in Southend and the surrounding areas, bringing relief to thousands of residents.

As a top leaking boiler repair company, we’re in a great position to help you with your central heating woes. Boiler leaks are dangerous as they can cause a lot of water damage to your home, such as the presence of damp and mould. It can cost lots of money to eradicate both these issues, which makes it all the more important you deal with leaks ASAP.

Why Is My Boiler Leaking?

It’s natural to wonder why your boiler is leaking when you find out this is happening. Thankfully, we send out a professional heating engineer to visit your property and find the cause of a boiler leak. Generally speaking, central heating leaks like this are quite serious business as they indicate internal problems with your boiler.

As with gas leak repairs, it’s never advised to repair a leaking boiler by yourself. Always call an engineer and wait for them to deal with the issue rather than take things into your own hands.

There are many reasons your boiler could be leaking, but most issues can be split into two categories; problems with boiler components or problems with boiler installation. More often than not, if you notice your boiler leaking water from the bottom, this could indicate issues with how the boiler was installed. Perhaps whoever installed it didn’t connect the pipes correctly or use a strong enough seal, and water started to leak through after a while.

However, if you notice your boiler leaking water from the inside, then it might point to internal issues with the boiler itself. There could be a broken valve, corrosion on the inside, and many other problems.

Regardless of what’s causing the leak, as leaking boiler repairs experts, we can deal with any issues that present themselves, and have your boiler fixed and functioning properly in no time.

Central Heating Leak Detection in Southend

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How Do I Know My Boiler Is Leaking?

Naturally, you need to be sure that your boiler is leaking before you call out an engineer to take a look at it. It’s easy to determine a leak as you can look at your boiler and feel around for wetness or see if there are visual signs such as puddles on the floor or water damage.

Central Heating Leak Detection in Southend

As well as dealing with boiler leaks and repairs, our engineers are also trained in the art of central heating leak detection.

The worst thing about central heating leaks is that you can often see the water damage occurring, but not realise where the leak is coming from. Our highly skilled engineers have visited many customers that have said to them “I can’t find my leak” only for it to transpire that their central heating was the cause of the leak. If you look at your boiler and everything seems dry and fine, then the leak could be from a central heating pipe instead.

Give us a call, and we’ll send out an engineer to work as a leak finder for you. They’ll figure out where the leak is coming from, what’s the cause, and how to fix it. Rest assured they’ll give you a quote for their services before they do anything. It’s vitally important you deal with central heating leaks as soon as possible, as they can leave long lasting damages on your property.

At PHS, we’ve been in the business for years and understand how to carry out any task with the utmost efficiency and care. If you live in Southend and are constantly searching for leaking boiler repair near me, then your search is over. Our expert engineers deal with all types of boiler leaks, regardless of the age or make of your boiler. We can help with a combi boiler leaking water, a conventional boiler leaking water, and all the other types out there too.

As well as our incredible leaking boiler repair service, we’re also experts in central heating leak detection. By using the latest and greatest detection technology, we can hunt down the source of your leaks and work on fixing them right away. What’s more, we offer a 24/7 service to ensure we’re there for you when emergencies arise. We understand that boiler and central heating links are serious, and need to be tended to right away. No matter when you notice your leaks, give us a call, and we’ll be there as soon as possible.

Leaking Boiler Repair Company Southend

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