Industrial Air Conditioner Maintenance

Important Tips For That Extra Peace of Mind

Keeping your industrial AC maintained protects the equipment and the people occupying the building from discomfort, unnecessary lawsuits & IAQ concerns.

Every appliance, industrial air conditioner included, no matter the quality, requires a certain level of maintenance.

It’s important that you regularly maintain your systems for smooth performance and uninterrupted operation at peak performance.

Keeping the industrial air conditioner maintained protects the equipment and the people occupying the building from discomfort.

It also protects you from unnecessary lawsuits and (Indoor Air Quality) IAQ concerns.

Learn all you should know about the maintenance steps for your industrial air conditioner following this guide below.

Industrial Air Conditioner Maintenance: For That Extra Peace of Mind
Industrial Air Conditioner Maintenance: For That Extra Peace of Mind

1)    Keep the Industrial AC Unit Clean

The priority while repairing your industrial AC should be to ascertain that you keep it clean.

Attempt to routinely clean the unit inside and outside to avoid having problems like dirt and debris buildup.

Whenever you realise your energy bill has gone up or it is not cooling your office perfectly as it should, this is a sign that the air conditioner needs tending to it as soon as possible.

Trust the Mitton Group to do the job for you. They clean condenser coils thoroughly using a soft vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment.

However, it should be soft enough to use on the coils without damaging them. Once cleaning the fins, simply take care not to bend them.

When cleaning the air conditioner, additionally clean or replace the filter to remove excess debris.

2)    Have Preventative Maintenance Performed

It is also recommended that you have a professional HVAC technician come in periodically to perform preventative maintenance.

By getting this air conditioner maintenance before experiencing issues, you might be able to prevent more expensive repairs.

Preventative maintenance often includes lubricating the metal parts, cleaning out the unit, and checking the condition of the drain lines and drain pain.

The technician might also adjust belts, replace parts, and calibrate the system so that it works properly.

Industrial AC Maintenance

3)    Operate the Industrial Air Conditioner with Caution

Use the industrial air conditioner only when it is necessary.

Set the thermostat on your industrial air conditioner to the highest temperature that you can stand in the office or commercial space.

By doing so reduces how much the air conditioner needs to be used and helps to reduce stress to the system.

Also, ensure that the thermostat programmed to only go on during business hours.

4)    Regular Industrial AC Maintenance

If you own an industrial air conditioner in the commercial building, you will need to ascertain that you keep up with consistent cleaning and maintenance.

Have an industrial air conditioning unit in a perfect condition helps you to continue the operation without requiring extensive repairs or a replacement.

Heating and cooling advisers say that your heating and air conditioning unit needs regular inspection, thorough cleaning, servicing even when it has problems or not.

Industrial air conditioner needs to be serviced and inspected at least once or twice a year for maximum efficiency no matter what kind you have.

It is better to check the heating system in the summer season and the air conditioning in winter to avoid inconveniences.