IMPERIAL Range Catering Repairs

Imperial Appliance Repair London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Hertfordshire

Imperial Catering Repairs

IMPERIAL famously began as a family business in 1957 and since then it has climbed its way to the top of preferred global supplier lists everywhere.

Remembering and implementing their traditional family values have helped the business to grow and have attributed towards its enviable growth record and customer satisfaction.

The quality of Imperial’s highly skilled employees combined with the innovation and manufacturing processes they put into their commercial cooking equipment, has created some of the best value for money cooking equipment in the foodservice industry.

Investing in more modern technology and machinery helps to keep production costs down and quality consistently high. Finding efficiencies in their units has helped commercial kitchens across the globe, but maintaining those efficiencies within your own business is key, too. That’s where we come in.

Our engineers can provide Imperial catering equipment repairs, installation, service and maintenance across London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk and Hertfordshire.

If you have an Imperial appliance concern or question, we will be able to answer it. That is thanks to our wide range of highly qualified Imperial technicians who have become familiar with Imperial equipment over the last 50 years.

IMPERIAL Catering Equipment Repairs

London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

Experienced Imperial Engineers

With our engineers, comes a wealth of in-depth knowledge and understanding as well as years of experience in the catering industry. Each engineer has had training on the huge range of Imperial products on offer.

Their capabilities and qualifications allow them to work comfortably and quickly on Imperial traditional ranges, convection ovens, fryers, pasta cookers, broilers, griddles, hot plates as well as any brand new all-electric technologies, speciality equipment and Imperial’s brilliantly designed custom solutions.

In details we are able to carry out repairs on the following appliances:

  • Imperial electric oven range repair
  • Imperial convection oven repair
  • Imperial fryer repair
  • Imperial salamander grill repair
  • Imperial broiler repair
  • Imperial hot plate repair
  • Imperial stock pot repair
  • Imperial Sizzle N’ Chill repair
  • Imperial pasta cooker repair
  • Imperial gas oven range repair
  • Imperial holding drawers
  • Imperial griddle repair

It is our engineers’ excellent knowledge and understanding that helps us bring you Imperial catering equipment repairs in a timely and consistent manner.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy 90% of all call outs on the first visit, which is done through our engineer’s knowledge with high stock numbers of official Imperial parts.

These elements come together to provide you with a formidable commercial catering repair service from PHS.

IMPERIAL Appliances Service & Maintenance

London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

IMPERIAL Catering Equipment Maintenance

Shelling out for appliances and any additional repairs comes at a cost. Don’t waste your investment by not maintaining it the way you should, or you will encounter more repair costs than necessary.

If you haven’t thought about maintenance it is worth considering what impacts this could have on your warranties and insurance.

In all cases, Imperial Commercial Cooking Company equipment comes with a warranty which you may rely on if parts or faults do occur on your appliances.

However, in line with Imperial’s website, these warranties will only continue to apply to your equipment as long as it has been “unaltered, properly installed and maintained in accordance with national and local codes and in accordance with the Imperial installation manuals.

It is key to remember this when you purchase your product. Proper installation through to the maintenance will not only help your units last longer and work more efficiently, but it could also save you a very unhappy loss if something untoward were to happen.

If you have had an Imperial appliance as part of your kitchen for some time and you are unsure if the above has been covered, you can find out more by contacting a member of our PHS team today.

On top of this, it is never too late to start more rigorous maintenance regimes and we can get you and your equipment back on track to give it a long and healthy lifespan.

Remember: poor standards of maintenance is one of the leading causes of accidents in the catering industry.

From machine incidents to fires or electrical injuries, these accidents can result in huge costs in regard to both finances and pain/suffering/stress for you and your employees.

Maintenance by competent and technically qualified staff is the best way to start and we can work with you to ensure you aren’t missing anything.

Contact us today to inquire about our maintenance services, as well as Imperial catering equipment repairs, service and install.