How to Reset a Vaillant Boiler - Where is the Reset Button?

Learn how to reset your Vaillant boiler in a few simple steps. Avoid frustration and gain back your heating and hot water quickly.

Vaillant boilers are equipped with a safety feature known as “lockout,” which shuts down the system upon detecting a fault to prevent any potential damage to the central heating system. Although it may be frustrating for users who are unsure of how to proceed, resetting the boiler is crucial to restoring heating and hot water.

Read on to learn about common causes of lockouts and how to reset your Vaillant boiler.

Where is the reset button on a Vaillant boiler?

The reset button on a Vaillant boiler may not be readily visible unless you are aware of its location. Typically located on the front of the boiler near the bottom, the control panel features a series of buttons and a digital display.

Look for the button with a small flame icon either next to it or on it – this is your reset button.

How to reset a Vaillant boiler step by step

Before attempting to reset your Vaillant boiler, ensure that the cause of the lockout has been resolved. You can identify the cause by checking the boiler error code displayed on the screen and referring to the instruction manual to understand the issue that the code represents.

For more significant fixes, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a Gas Safe Registered (GSR) engineer.

Once you have resolved the issue, follow these steps to reset your boiler:

  1. Locate the boiler reset button.
  2. Press the reset button for three seconds before the boiler resets and the display screen should change. It’s recommended to always check your Vaillant boiler manual, as some models may have slightly different reset instructions.
  3. Check if the flame has ignited or the error code has disappeared.
  4. Test the boiler by checking the hot water or increasing the temperature.
How to Reset a Vaillant Boiler - Where is the Reset Button?

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Why you may need to reset your Vaillant boiler

Congratulations if you have been able to reset your boiler without any additional problems! This could imply that you have experienced a minor error or fault.

However, if your Vaillant boiler frequently shuts down, this could be a sign of significant or serious issues that require prompt attention to prevent damage or additional lockouts.

If you experience frequent lockouts, it is best to contact a Gas Safe Registered (GSR) engineer to identify the root cause of the issue.

Gas supply or ignition failure

One possible reason for a boiler lockout could be due to a gas supply or an ignition failure, which could result from various factors, such as a defective gas valve, blockages in the flue, or issues with the ignition lead. It is crucial to have a Gas Safe Registered (GSR) engineer inspect the problem before attempting to reset the boiler.

Low pressure

If the pressure gauge reading is below 1.5, then the water pressure has dropped, which indicates that the pressure is too low. Fortunately, this can be fixed by following the instructions in the system’s manual to repressurize the boiler. However, if you detect a leak, it is necessary to contact a GSR engineer.

High pressure

If the pressure gauge shows a reading above 2.5, then the pressure is too high, which can be resolved by bleeding the radiators and may not require a boiler reset.

If bleeding the radiators does not solve the issue, it is crucial to contact a GSR engineer.

Boiler overheating

The presence of blockages in the system or a failed pump can cause the water to reach a temperature beyond a certain point, leading to boiler overheating, and resulting in an automatic shutdown for safety reasons.

It is unsafe to attempt to resolve these problems on your own, and a qualified professional should address them. Therefore, it is vital to contact a GSR engineer to rectify this problem.

Resetting a Vaillant boiler FAQs

Resetting some boilers may take several minutes, and in some cases, it may require more than one attempt. If your boiler fails to start after resetting or the error code persists, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a Gas Safe Registered (GSR) engineer.

If you are using a pay-as-you-go meter, your boiler may have shut down because you have exhausted your gas credit. However, once you have topped up your meter, you can follow the same steps to reset your boiler. In case of emergencies, it is possible to add gas credit to your meter.

How to prevent a Vaillant boiler breakdown

Here at PHS, we advise investing in an annual boiler service to avoid breakdowns and frequent restarts. Consider it an MOT for your boiler.

During the service, your engineer will optimise the efficiency of your central heating system and identify potential faults before they become major issues.

This proactive approach can save you money on emergency repairs as well as the cost of a new boiler, which can cost between £2500 and £4000 to replace.

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