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Gas Interlock Systems – A Legal Requirement in All Commercial Kitchens

Gas Interlock System Installation in Hertfordshire

Gas interlock systems are an essential component of every commercial kitchen. Indeed, they are mandated by law – non-compliance could lead to fines and the shuttering of your kitchen, alongside health and safety hazards that endanger your employees and clientele.

As per the UK’s gas safety regulations and the British Standard BS6173, it is obligatory for any food business with a commercial kitchen to have a gas safety interlock system installed. Consequently, fitting a gas safety interlock system is necessary to meet legal requirements.

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You are required by law to have a gas interlock system in your commercial kitchen, but what exactly is one? Without getting overly complex, it’s a safety system that combines the air extraction and input systems in a kitchen with the gas supply.

Attaching these together, allows the gas to be automatically cut off should any of the fans in the kitchen stopped working. This in turn prevents the build-up of gas within the kitchen and the significant risks associated with it.

There are several gas interlock systems on the market, each built to work in different circumstances, and each with its own advantages and disadvantages. We can work with you to decide which is best for your kitchen, providing unbiased advice to allow you to make an educated decision.

The bottom line: gas interlock systems are a vital aspect of your kitchen’s safety, and they should not be ignored. Contact us today to find out more.

Gas Interlock Systems Explained

Gas Interlock Systems: Your Legal Requirements

According to the British Standard BS6173 and the gas safety regulations of the United Kingdom, it is obligatory for any food enterprise operating a commercial kitchen to install a gas safety interlock system. This stipulates that for a business to conform to legal standards, the installation of a gas safety interlock system is imperative.

Failure to comply with these requirements presents unacceptable health and safety risks to both employees and patrons. Moreover, non-compliance could result in prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), imposition of fines, and/or closure of your kitchen until regulations are satisfactorily met. Additionally, your CP42 inspection is likely to be unsuccessful.

A gas interlock system must legally be installed by a qualified and certified professional. Installing the system yourself is illegal and also exceptionally unsafe.

As well as the installation of gas interlock systems in Herts, we are also available to repair them. Various issues can arise that cause gas interlock systems to stop working properly, and our licenced engineers have the know-how needed to remedy almost all gas interlock system problems. We also recognise that the breakdown of a gas interlock system is often an emergency, which is why we offer a 24/7 emergency callout service.

As such a vital part of your kitchen, gas interlock systems should be serviced regularly, to ensure they are functioning properly and adhere to legal standards. Failing to service your gas interlock system is particularly dangerous. Protect your staff and customers by scheduling a gas interlock system service with PHS today.

Repairs and Servicing of Gas Interlock Systems in Herts

Gas Interlock Systems FAQs

According to the British Standard BS6173 and the gas safety regulations of the United Kingdom, any food business with an operational commercial kitchen is required to have a gas safety interlock system installed. This means in order for the business to be compliant with the law, a gas safety interlock system is mandatory.

A gas interlock system is connected to the air extraction and input systems. If air flow is stopped, the gas supply is automatically shut down, to prevent a dangerous build-up of gas within the kitchen.

There are various factors that influence the cost of a gas interlock system. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Should your business lack a gas interlock system, possible consequences encompass:

  • The commercial kitchen might be shut down until safety systems are installed.
  • The enterprise could fail the gas safety inspection.
  • Unacceptable safety and health risks to both the public and staff members.
  • The company’s financial stability could be jeopardised by further fines.
  • The Health and Safety Executive may take legal action against the business.

Every business operating a commercial kitchen with gas-powered appliances is obliged to install a gas interlock system. This system must be installed in compliance with the Gas Safe Regulations and the British Standard BS6173.

These systems can only be installed or repaired by a certified gas safety engineer. It should be noted that it’s illegal for anyone who is unqualified to install or repair a gas safety interlock system. As we mentioned above, always ensure the person you hire to handle your gas appliance, including your gas interlock system, is qualified.

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