Commercial Oven Repair in Suffolk

Need Routine or Urgent Repair for Your Gas or Electric Oven?

Commercial Gas & Electric Oven Repairs in Suffolk

For catering businesses across Suffolk, being able to rely on your oven, whether it’s a gas or electric, is essential. Maybe you’re an exclusive critically acclaimed restaurant? Perhaps you run the kitchen at a care home or school? Or you own a small artisan café? Either way, your commercial oven is the linchpin of your kitchen operations. If it breaks down—even for a day—your business risks major financial damage.

At PHS, we understand the stress of dealing with faulty kitchen equipment. We offer skilled repair of commercial ovens in emergency situations and for planned maintenance. In fact, we can get on-site in just two hours. And in 9 out of 10 examples, we’ll be able to repair your oven, there and then, thanks to our large stockpile of spare parts.

Get in touch to see how you can successfully insulate your catering business from the risks of unforeseen breakdowns. For peace of mind and ideal preventative measures, give us a call today and get an oven-fix quote on the spot.

At PHS, our team of expertly trained engineers have all the necessary qualifications and experience to deliver fixed-price labour that goes above and beyond. Not only do we have access to the highest-grade parts and best tools for the best results, but we also have knowledge and understanding of all the major commercial oven manufacturers, including, but not limited to:

  • ACP Menumaster Amana
  • AEG
  • Alto-Shaam
  • Blodgett
  • Bongard
  • Doyon
  • Electrolux Professional
  • Fagor Industrial
  • Garbin Industries
  • MIWE
  • Piron SRL
  • Rational
  • Tecnoeka
  • UNOX
  • Yesovens SRL

Don’t see your oven manufacturer here? PHS engineers have the skill and experience to fix problems that might arise with equipment from other commercial oven companies. So, whatever the make or model of your particular oven, we’re confident we can deliver a reliable fix.

Contact us today for quick, reliable, and no-stress commercial oven repairs in Suffolk and the surrounding area.

Commercial Oven Repair Engineers in Suffolk

Commercial Oven Faults & Breakdowns We Can Repair

When something goes wrong with your oven and you’ve got hungry customers outside waiting for their orders, you need a fix, ASAP.

Our team of catering engineers are experienced with oven faults and breakdowns that include:

  • Commercial oven not heating up
  • Oven overheating and burning everything
  • Door that won’t close
  • Commercial oven that cuts out during use
  • Noisy ovens
  • Faulty oven lights
  • Controls not working

Our extensive industry expertise means we are almost guaranteed to deliver a fix—often on the same day—whether it’s a gas or electric oven. Indeed, all our engineers have the appropriate qualifications and certifications to work with gas appliances.

Sometimes a disaster occurs unexpectedly—even if you service your commercial oven regularly. If you experience an unforeseen breakdown, you want help as soon as possible. PHS can respond to equipment malfunctions quickly and can be on the scene that same day. In fact, we aim to be there within two hours of your phone call.

We will then get to work fixing the problem immediately. 90% of the time we can do it on the spot. Sometimes that’s not doable, in which case we’ll source the necessary parts as quickly as possible and return to fit them as soon as we can.

Our emergency commercial oven repair service is available in Suffolk and the surrounding areas. So, from family-run restaurants to catering teams at care homes and local schools, we’ve got your back if your oven breaks down.

Emergency Commercial Oven Repair Service in Suffolk

Planned Preventative Maintenance for Your Commercial Oven in Suffolk

PPM, also known as planned preventative maintenance, is one of the best ways you can insure your business against unexpected breakdowns. Whatever the size of your catering business, you need the reassurance and confidence that your equipment—especially your oven—is going to do the job, each and every day.

PPM means getting your commercial oven regularly serviced by experts. PHS catering engineers will come to your premises a certain number of times each year, as decided beforehand. We will then fully service your appliances.

This way, any potential issues are identified early on, and steps are taken to solve them and minimise damage, protecting you from an expensive breakdown later.

For many businesses, regular servicing and maintenance are necessary criteria for your company insurance. What’s more, it’s an essential measure to ensure the safety and well-being of both your staff and customers. 

Need more convincing? Regularly serviced commercial ovens will last longer, so you won’t have to replace them so quickly, helping your bottom line.

Benefits of Regular Commercial Glasswasher Maintenance

Pre-empt, Prevent and Protect

Identify potential problems before they start to cause major issues with scheduled routine commercial oven maintenance. Deal with any malfunctions promptly to reduce the chance of more dramatic breakdowns at a later date.

Compliance and Safety

Make sure your commercial kitchen complies with regulatory standards with regular maintenance and repairs. Well-maintained and serviced commercial ovens pose less danger of fires. Look after the safety of your staff and customers and be confident that your commercial oven is functioning as it should.

Boost the Lifespan of Your Oven

A commercial oven that is looked after carefully and regularly maintained will run better and for longer. Gas and electric ovens need regular maintenance to prevent deterioration which could lead to total and unsalvageable breakdown. Schedule regular servicing to protect your investment and ensure a good resale value at a later date.

Cut costs

Any breakdowns and disruptions mean downtime, which means money lost and customers dissatisfied. Maximise your ability to keep your doors open to visitors and boost your revenue in the long run. Schedule regular maintenance to avoid unanticipated breakdowns and encourage seamless operations.

Commercial Oven Maintenance FAQs

Your commercial oven should be serviced every 6 months at a minimum. This will allow any faults to be identified and fixed before a more major breakdown occurs. If your appliance is in the best possible condition, it will also run more efficiently and safely.
Maintaining your commercial oven goes beyond just cleaning it regularly. You also want to schedule regular inspections by skilled and qualified engineers who can verify that everything is functioning as it should.
It’s important to maintain commercial ovens for several reasons but the most important is safety. Regulatory standards dictate that commercial kitchen appliances like ovens need to be regularly serviced to ensure they are safe and not endangering customers or staff.
The price of fixing a commercial oven varies depending on the nature of the problem. At PHS, we offer fixed fee labour and strive to be as reasonable as possible with our costs.

1. Keep It Clean

Daily cleaning is a mandatory task when your job takes place in a kitchen. This includes all kitchen equipment, from fridges and freezers to fryers and ovens.

It’s easy to take shortcuts when it comes to cleaning the oven. In other words, people skip the interior or do a lousy job.

Think about the amount of various food particles, oil, fat, and liquids lying in the bottom of the oven.

If you care about the reputation of your business and the health of your customers, always make sure your oven’s interior is clean.

In fact, cleaning gets easier when you do it regularly. Try to clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar — they are wonderful, natural ingredients that can get rid of the most stubborn stains.

2. Inspect The Oven’s Doors Frequently

The door is the most critical part of the oven. Without it correctly sealed and working, there will be heat inefficiencies.

Poorly functioning oven doors lead to longer cooking time due to heat leakage. As a result, extra, unwanted costs will add up.

You certainly don’t want to pay more money for something that can barely work properly.

Give regular checkups to your oven doors. Make sure the seal has a tight fit. Likewise, inspect the door knobs and handles to ensure they are all secure.

Try not to put too much force on the door since it will loosen the hinges. This eventually will loosen the door seal.

3. Calibrate Your Thermostats

Oven calibration is a common maintenance task. Its goal is to make sure your oven temperature matches your expectation.

Failure to adjust your thermostats will lead to inefficiencies over time. An oven that fails to run true to its desired temperature will cost you money and hinder your business flow.

Seek professional advice if you’re not sure about how to calibrate your thermostats.

Now that you’ve known what it takes to keep your oven healthy, it’s time to apply the tips. If you need further tips on commercial oven maintenance, simply fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Commercial Repair Service for Gas & Electric Ovens in Suffolk

Are you the owner of a catering business in Suffolk looking for the reassurance and confidence that your commercial oven isn’t going to break down on you?

Would you like to schedule regular maintenance for your gas or electric oven to minimize the risk of breakdowns and losing income?

We offer our commercial oven repair services (indicatively but not exhaustively) in the following towns in Suffolk:

Ipswich, Lowestoft, Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Felixstowe, Newmarket.

Give PHS a call today on 01206 580 481 and chat with one of our friendly advisors. Alternatively, send us an email here.

Need Repair or Scheduled Maintenance for Your Commercial Oven?