Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Repair in Kent

Extractor Fan / Cooker Hood Repair, Replacement & Servicing

Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Repairs & Servicing in Kent

Fully working extractor fans are necessary in a commercial kitchen for eliminating smoke, gas, odours and other contaminants in the air. They’re important for the cleanliness and safety of your commercial catering business.

At PHS, we have a team of engineers who are qualified to carry out the repair, replacement, and servicing of commercial kitchen extractor fans. We carry out scheduled maintenance as well as emergency repairs, operating across Kent and the surrounding areas. Get in touch today if you’re looking for a top-quality extractor fan service.

Over time extractor fans can stop working as efficiently, leading to build-ups of smoke, condensation and odours in the air. In other cases, extractor fans may stop working completely resulting in a full shut down of your kitchen.

In either case, you can rely on us to help. We’re specialists in commercial extractor fan repairs. Our catering equipment engineers are highly trained and have experience working with a range of different extractor fan systems. Where possible, we’ll aim to get the problem solved and repaired in a single visit – 90% of all commercial catering equipment repairs we attend can be completed in one visit.

Commercial Extractor Fan / Cooker Hood Repairs in Kent

Emergency Repairs of Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fans in Kent

You cannot legally operate a commercial kitchen without working extractor fans. If your extractor fans have broken down, you’ll likely be forced to close your kitchen, which could lead to a loss of income. In these situations, you need an emergency repair service to get your extractor fans up and running again as soon as possible so that you can open your business back up.

At PHS, we carry out emergency commercial extractor fan repair in Kent and the surrounding areas. We aim to be with our customers within two hours, at which point we’ll start repairs immediately. In most cases, we can complete repairs there and then. We’ll have your extractor fans working again in no time so that you can get your business up and running again as soon as possible.

Commercial Extractor Fan Servicing & PPM Service

Many commercial kitchen extractor fan faults can be prevented by investing in regular servicing. This involves hiring a professional to clean and check the condition of your extractor fan. This allows any faults to be detected early before your extractor fan breaks down or becomes noticeably inefficient. You can then schedule repairs for a time that best suits you rather than having to rely on emergency repairs at a potentially inconvenient time.

At PHS engineers, we’ll carry out a full service of your extractor fans. This involves thoroughly cleaning your extractor fans and inspecting them for any problems. We also carry out servicing on a range of other commercial kitchen equipment – why not aim to get all of your equipment serviced at the same time? This could help to keep your entire kitchen in top working condition.

Benefits of Commercial Extractor Fans Servicing

Prevent future extractor fan problems

By investing in regular extractor fan servicing, you can detect faults early before they become serious. This allows you to schedule repairs at a time that is best for you, rather than having to rely on emergency repairs at a later date.

Keep extractor fans safe and compliant

It’s important that your extractor fans are adequately filtering out smoke and gas. Servicing extractors fans can help to keep you, your employees and your customers safe, as well as keeping your business legally compliant.

Extend the lifespan of your extractor fan

Servicing your extractor fans could help to reduce wear and tear. This could allow you to get many more years out of your extractor fans before you need to replace them.

Save your company money

Servicing can also save you money. Not only could servicing extend the life of your equipment, but it could prevent costly breakdowns which may result in downtime and loss of revenue. Start saving money today by scheduling your first extractor fan service with PHS.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction FAQs

Commercial extractor fans should ideally be serviced on an annual basis. Choose us and we will schedule annual servicing for you.
It’s best to leave any cleaning of the parts such as the motor to a professional. However, you can still clean the mesh filter on a regular basis – this should ideally be done weekly if you are regularly using your kitchen.
There are many signs that you should repair/update an extractor fan. A few common signs could include:
  • Strange noises coming from extractor fan
  • Smoke filling the kitchen and failing to be extracted
  • Odours and smoke drifting into restaurant
  • Condensation issues in kitchen
  • Grease build-up on outside duct
  • Cooking marks or grease build-up on ceiling
  • Employees complaining of stinging eyes, headaches or nausea in kitchen

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