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Need Planned Maintenance or Emergency Repair for Your Commercial Glasswasher?

Commercial Glasswasher Repairs in London & the Home Counties

Whether you’re running a restaurant, a bar, a pub or a catering service, there’s no doubt you want to keep a certain hygiene standard around your kitchen. And one of the machines that help you meet that standard is your commercial glasswasher.

And considering that a commercial glasswasher is one of the hardest working machines in a kitchen, it requires frequent maintenance to avoid having your machine break down completely, which could cost you a fortune to get back up and running.

However, before the point of a complete breakdown, your glasswasher could be giving you signs of a malfunction that you’re not picking up on. So keep reading to learn about that.

Chances are before your glasswasher is entirely inoperable, it will give off a sign of a potential malfunction. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to call a professional as soon as possible to minimise the damage.

Glasses Come Out Feeling Slimy

If your glasses feel slimy after a round in the glasswasher, that could mean many things. However, the most likely outcome is that your machine isn’t creating enough water pressure to properly wash off the rinse aid and detergent that causes that sliminess.

Glasswasher Makes Unusual Noises

You probably know what a healthy glasswasher sounds like when operating. So if you hear any banging or clunking in the middle of a wash, you should immediately cut the power to the washer and call a professional.

This means your machine’s motor has fallen out of place, most likely, due to rust.

Glasswasher Doesn’t Start

If you’ve checked that your machine is plugged in, and it still doesn’t start, that could mean that your fuse has burned.

If you’re less fortunate, you could be dealing with anything from a faulty drive motor or motor relays to a control board malfunction.

Glasswasher Is Overfilling or Underfilling

If you notice your glasswasher leaking water, that can be due to water overflow. On the other hand, if the glasses are still dirty after a wash, your machine could be underfilling.

In both cases, that means you have a malfunctioning inlet valve.

Signs That Your Commercial Glasswasher Needs Repair

Glasswasher Brands We Support

After years in the industry, we’ve become accustomed to dealing with various glasswasher brands. Simply put, we know all the ins and outs of the most commonly used brands. This means we will take less time diagnosing the problem and get the job done in as little time as possible.

That said, here are the most common brands we repair.

  • Aristarco
  • Asber
  • Blizzard
  • Buffalo
  • Classeq glasswashers – These front-loading glasswashers offer the most versatility. Ranging from their smaller Eco 1 washer to their more powerful Duo 3 washer. We think they offer the best value for your money.
  • Enviro Clean
  • Hobart glasswashers – Hobart is the cream of the crop of glasswashers. They supply the most top-of-the-line machines out there.
  • Kingfisher
  • Mach
  • Maidaid-Halcyon glasswashers – In our opinion, these are the most environmentally conscious glasswashers out there. They also have a versatile lineup to choose from.
  • Meiko
  • Sammic
  • Winterhalter

Aside from the previously mentioned brands, we’re equipped to fix many more. So if you don’t see yours on the list, inform us of your brand, and we’ll do our best to sort out whatever problems you’re having.

It’s always a smart move to take planned preventative maintenance measures to make your glasswasher less susceptible to malfunctions. This will also largely extend your machine’s lifetime.

Periodically Wash the Rinse Arms

Rinse arms are one of the easiest parts of a glasswasher to become obstructed. Therefore, you need to periodically clean them to prevent a build-up of limescale or food particles.

A healthy rinse arm can rotate and move freely without extra friction.

Air Out the Glasswasher Overnight

A common problem commercial glasswasher owners face is the constant build-up of algae and bacteria. And what they always try to do is use more detergent to clean their machines.

However, the problem could originate from poor ventilation. You should always leave your glasswasher open overnight to allow it to air-dry properly to not form any bacteria.

Periodically Delime Your Glasswasher

Deliming is the process of removing the built-up limescale in your machine. Limescale is the result of hard water, which looks like a chalky white substance.

Check your owner’s manual to find the recommended deliming schedule and the best chemicals to use to combat limescale build-up.

Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Glasswashers

Benefits of Regular Commercial Glasswasher Maintenance

Pre-empt and Prevent

Scheduling routine glasswasher maintenance allows you to avoid potential breakdowns by identifying problems when they first arise, and dealing with them promptly and efficiently to minimise the threat of bigger issues later down the line.

Compliance and Safety

Maintenance and repair work is necessary to ensure that your kitchen is compliant with the relevant regulatory standards. For one thing, well-maintained equipment means less risk of a fire. Staff safety should be a priority, and this means ensuring your equipment is performing as it should.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Equipment

Commercial glasswashers that are looked after properly will continue to perform for longer and you’re less likely to encounter breakdowns. Regular maintenance stops deterioration and maximises efficiency. Professional catering equipment maintenance is, therefore, an important way of protecting your investment. And well-maintained equipment also has a better resale value should you want to pass your equipment on at a later date.

Save Money

By dramatically reducing the risk of future breakdown and the disruption and downtime it entails, you save money in the long term. While unanticipated breakdowns can lead to lost revenue and disappointed customers, high-performing equipment is efficient, allows for a smooth operation and consistently delivers a quality service, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Commercial Glasswasher Repairs FAQs

The first reason is using a dishwasher detergent in your commercial glasswasher, which tends to be too harsh for glasses.

Second, the detergent you use has a high concentration of caustic soda. For instance, a detergent with more than 10% caustic soda will fade the logos on your glasses over time.

Considering you’re using your glasswasher daily, it’s recommended you give it a good cleaning once a week. Start by removing the internal trays, then wiping down the walls for any debris.

Then, wash your glasswasher with kitchen sanitiser and perform two empty cycles to wash away any remaining sanitiser.

There are two causes of this problem. The first is simple: your glasses aren’t being properly aired out once they’re washed.

The second reason is you’re using the wrong renovating solution for your machine. If so, run an empty cycle with renovate powder to clean your glasswasher.

Glasswasher Repair Services for Pubs & Bars

Do you own a business and want peace of mind of knowing you’ve got a company like PHS to assist in emergencies?

Or perhaps you’re looking to stop commercial glasswasher breakdowns before they happen by organising regular maintenance for your commercial kitchen appliances?

If so, you should contact PHS catering equipment engineers today and speak to one of our friendly team members.

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London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Surrey & Sussex.

Need Repair or Scheduled Maintenance for Your Commercial Glasswasher?