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Commercial Fridge / Freezer Repairs in London & the Home Counties

When you need to repair your commercial fridge/freezer you want to know that the people you employ to fix this are qualified and knowledgeable in what they are doing. When you run your own business within the food and catering industry you are going to be using professional specialist equipment, so when you need to repair this at any point you will require their expertise.

Your commercial fridge/freezer is vital to the running of your business if you own a restaurant, cafe, bar or pub. So if this suddenly breaks down, it can cause economic turmoil in your business, until you can get back up and running again. Therefore the sooner you get it repaired the better it will be for your business.

PHS Engineers provides you with the stability and expertise that you need when your business is experiencing technical difficulties with your commercial fridge/freezer.

Our professionals are able to provide 24-hour emergency repairs and will be able to attend to your breakdown needs. With 9/10 calls fixed instantly within one appointment, and the ability to reach your business in under 2 hours, you can be reassured that your commercial fridge/freezer is in good hands.

Our engineers are fully trained in dealing with a variety of catering equipment. As a result, you can be sure that they will be able to fix your commercial fridge/freezer in no time. Some of the well-known brands in which they are proficient includes:

Adande, AHT, Alpine, Arcaboa, Arctica, Artikcold, Autonumis, Blizzard, Blue Ice, Caravell, Coldkit, Coolpoint, Crystal, Derby, Eco-Cool, Elcold, Elstar, Foster, Framec, Fricon, Frilixa, Frost-Tech, Gamko, Gram, Gemm, Hallco, Hoshizaki, Iarp, Ice O Matic, Igloo, IMCool, Infrico, Inomak, Interlevin, ISA, J&E Hall, Jade, Klima, Koldbox, Labcold, Mafirol, Medi+, Mercatus, Mondial Elite, Osborne Bottle Coolers, Osborne Refrigeration, Oscartielle, Polar, Prodis, Promek, Sagi, Scotsman, Simag, Staycold, Studio 54, Santos, Tecfrigo, Tefcold, Trimco, True, Ugolini, Valera, Vestfrost, Whirlpool and Williams.

We ensure that our engineers are thoroughly trained so that they can provide the optimum service to you. Their skills are not just limited to fixing the main brands but in all aspects of catering kitchen equipment as well.

How We Are Knowledgeable In the Commercial Fridge/Freezer Repairs

Common Problems Our Engineers Come Across

The most common type of faults/repairs we encounter are typically the following:

  • The fridge/freezer doors do not shut correctly
  • The temperature is too cold
  • The temperature is too warm
  • Leakage of water
  • The light not working correctly
  • A persistent beeping noise/alarm
  • Faulty control panel

Commercial Fridge/Freezer Appliances We Can Repair

We are able to fix a variety of fridge/freezer items within your business. So they include the following which would typically be in a commercial kitchen setting:

  • Refrigerated Storage Cabinets
  • Cold Rooms & Freezer rooms
  • Refrigerated Display Cabinets
  • Cold Storage Doors
  • Refrigerated Counters
  • Blast Freezer & Chillers
  • Ice Machines
  • Bottle Coolers

There are bound to be instances whereby your commercial fridge/freezer encounters a problem at any time of the day. We provide emergency assistance at all times of the day, even in the middle of the night.

You can be guaranteed that one of the highly skilled engineers will try to be on your premises within 2 hours, fixing the problem. 90% of the time the issue is able to be fixed within the same visit.

Our catering equipment engineers will endeavour to resolve the issue within their first visit, and only leave the premises to obtain the necessary parts that are required to fix the problem.

Emergency Commercial Fridge/Freezer Repairs

Planned Preventative Measures You Can Do to Help

You are going to have many jobs to fulfil as a business owner but one of the to-do items on your list should also include planned preventative measures that will help to make your fridge/freezer last a lot longer.

When this breaks down it can bring your entire business to a standstill, so you want to ensure it is constantly working efficiently. The best way to ensure this can happen is by utilising our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM).

This is when you organise in advance with us pre-arranged visits from our engineers that will be able to carry out inspections on your fridge/freezer. This allows our engineers to inspect your fridge/freezer, service it, and be on the lookout for any potential issues. This can be a lot cheaper than waiting until your fridge/freezer breaks down completely and you need to spend money on replacing it with costly parts.

You can also ensure that you are regularly maintaining your fridge/freezer appliance to help it last as long as possible.

Benefits of Regular Catering Equipment Maintenance

Pre-empt and Prevent

You can prevent and identify problems from occurring before they escalate into costly repairs

Compliance and Safety

Ensure health and safety within your staff environment, which is important for the welfare of your team and the premises.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Equipment

Prolong the lifespan of your fridge/freezer, by having regular pre-planned checks by our engineers.

Save Money

Save you money on costly repairs that can be prevented with regular inspections.

Planned Preventative Maintenance FAQs

We would suggest that you have it checked at least every 6 months to ensure that it is working well, and any problems can be identified by one of our engineers.

You should regularly clean your fridge/freezer and then organise pre-planned visits with our engineers to ensure that it works efficiently. This enables you to focus on other aspects of your business as well.

It is important to maintain healthy and safety standards within your business but also to prevent you from wasting money on fixing a repair which you could have avoided with a pre-planned engineer’s visit.

Frost Buildup

Frost and ice buildup is common in commercial freezers. In most cases, you can thaw the freezer and the problem is fixed. But if your freezer has constant frost buildup, commercial freezer repair is needed. Frost buildup is a sign that the system isn’t cooling properly. A commercial specialist can determine the root of the problem to prevent future buildup.

Damaged or Worn Doors

Your freezer doors must properly close and seal in order to maintain the right temperature. Otherwise, air leaks from the freezer, can cause temperature to rise. This impacts the temperature of your food, potentially causing food to spoil. If the doors on the commercial freezer are damaged or worn, now’s the time to have them repaired.

Water Leakage

Check the area around the cooler. Are the floors wet? Does the room seem more humid than normal? A damaged or old seal could be causing the problem. Improper installation can also cause water leakage. Standing water presents all sorts of dangers. Your employees could be at a higher risk of slipping and falling. Water leakage can also cause mould and mildew growth. If you notice signs of mould or mildew, you need to take action quickly to prevent potential health issues.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Are you constantly having to adjust the temperature in the freezer? Not only can this be frustrating, it also increases electricity usage. Inconsistent temperatures can cause food to thaw and spoil. This could cause you to lose hundreds of pounds worth of food! Since this issue can be an electrical or a mechanical problem, you’ll want a professional to diagnose it.

Strange Odours

Smells are a telltale sign that your commercial freezer is in need of repair. Odour can be caused by all sorts of issues including:

  • Mould and mildew
  • Spoiled food
  • Bacteria buildup
  • Freezer burn

If you notice a smell coming from the freezer, don’t wait to have it looked at.

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