Is Your Commercial Freezer Costing You Money?

Is Your Commercial Freezer Costing You Money

A commercial freezer is a must for your restaurant, but it could also be costing you money if it’s not running efficiently. Check out our article to learn more.

When it comes to commercial kitchen appliances, replacements can be expensive.

But continuing to use old and outdated equipment isn’t a great option either.

It’ll cost you more to keep them running and more in electricity to operate them. You could also be putting your customers’ health at risk.

Keep reading to learn some of the signs that your commercial freezer may be costing you money, and needs to be replaced.

It Requires Constant Repairs

All commercial appliances need professional maintenance and repairs from time to time.


After all, they run for hours a day and are used to feed anywhere from dozens to thousands of people each day. And many owners keep them for several years or even longer.

Repairs are to be expected and can be performed for many years before the cost of keeping the old appliance becomes greater than getting a new one.

But as commercial freezers and other equipment age, they will need increasingly regular repairs.

If your commercial freezer is constantly breaking down and requiring repairs, it may be time to get a new one.

The Outdated Shape Makes it Harder to Organise

The design of the packages that food arrives in changes every few years. That’s because experts in the industry develop better ways to ship food and more efficient ways for it to be stored.

But this also means that commercial freezers that once held packages easily now become crowded very quickly.

If your freezer is old enough that the shape and storage have become inadequate for your needs, it may be time for an upgrade.

Your Staff Avoid Using It

If your freezer is outdated and tough to get things out of due to an odd shape or size, your staff may avoid using it.

As a result, they may choose to store items in a walk in, and shuffle in and out of it countless times each day.

But walk-ins weren’t designed for this type of use, and this process is time-consuming, which can be a serious issue in a busy restaurant.

It’s Not Energy Efficient

Many commercial kitchen appliances are now energy efficient. Commercial freezers are no exception.

If your freezer isn’t an energy efficient model, upgrading to a new one could help you save money over time.

It no Longer Keeps a Steady Temperature

As older freezers are less able to keep a steady temperature, you risk food warming and refreezing over and over again, which can make it unsafe.

Commercial freezer repair may be able to help with this problem. But if the freezer is simply too old, it may be better to replace it rather than risk affecting the health of one of your customers.

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade to a new commercial freezer?

Regular repairs and maintenance can help keep commercial kitchen appliances running smoothly for many years.

But if you find that you’re doing many repairs and still not seeing improvement, it might be time to buy a new freezer.

In the meantime, make sure that when you do have repairs done, you choose a professional company with commercial experience. If you are in need of commercial freezer repairs, contact Property Heating Solutions today!

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