Commercial Food & Dough Mixer Repair

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Commercial Food & Dough Mixer Repair
Commercial Food & Dough Mixer Repair
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Caring for Your Commercial Food and Dough Mixer

Making batter and dough for pizzas, cakes, and pastries, mashing potatoes or whipping mayonnaise—there are countless things that you rely on your commercial mixer for. It’s one of the most essential parts of your kitchen and if it’s looked after, it should last a long time.

Routine maintenance and care for your bakery mixer don’t just extend its lifespan. Poor maintenance could invalidate your warranty as well as cause breakdowns, which in turn leads to downtime and lost revenue.

Consider proper commercial mixer maintenance as a way to save money in the long term as well as to ensure you’re delivering the highest possible service for your customers.

5 Tips for Making Sure Your Commercial Mixer Lasts

These tips will help you to keep your commercial mixer running smoothly.

However, bear in mind that these tips are not a substitute for routine maintenance and inspection by a qualified professional who is knowledgeable about the particular brand and model of your mixer.

Keep it Clean

Unplug your mixer and wipe down it down after every use with hot and soapy water and a cloth. Don’t use a high-pressure hose as you don’t want water to penetrate too deep and damage parts. Make sure to dry the mixer properly afterwards.

Do a deep clean every month or so, taking the mixer apart to do a thorough inspection and sanitisation. Use a brush to remove any debris and avoid abrasive cleaning products that could scratch it.

Check the Agitator

Over time and with repeated use, a mixer agitator can become misaligned. Check the machine manual to see how it should be and rectify as necessary. This is important to make sure the machine is mixing as well as it could be.

Check the Belts

Keep an eye on the belts of your mixer. You want to replace them before they break as this could require more extensive repair work later on.

Oil the Mixer

You don’t need to lubricate your machine every day, but it should be done regularly. Listen out for any squeaks as a sign. A well-lubricated machine is less likely to jam and break.

Use a food-grade oil and consult the manufacturer’s instructions as to how to lubricate the mixer. The bowl rails and planetary shaft are particularly important components to oil.

Schedule Professional Commercial Mixer Maintenance

Jobs like replacing seals or dealing with broken belts are best done by a qualified engineer. We offer professional catering equipment maintenance with an in-house team that’s experienced in identifying equipment issues and resolving them before they lead to greater disruption and downtime for your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Food & Dough Mixer Repair FAQs

The best way to maintain your commercial mixer and ensure it’s functioning as it should be is to clean and oil it regularly, keep an eye on all the components, and enlist the services of a professional catering equipment team who can conduct regular checks to identify problems and deal with them proactively.

Cleaning a commercial mixer is essential to make sure that its health and safety compliant and lasts as long as it should. As well as washing and wiping it down after every use, you should take it apart for a deep clean on a regular basis too. Use hot and soapy water, a brush to remove debris, and make sure to dry it properly afterwards.

Standard commercial mixer maintenance requires routine checks to make sure all the parts are in good working order and nothing is rusting. Check the agitator, in particular, to make sure it hasn’t become misaligned. Daily cleaning and monthly deep cleans are also recommended, as are the services of a professional commercial catering equipment maintenance company.