Commercial Catering Equipment Care & Maintenance Tips

Commercial Catering Equipment Care & Maintenance Tips

If you want your commercial catering equipment to last a long time, the trick is in proper maintenance. Here are the maintenance tips you need to be following.

You’ve invested an eye-watering amount on it. You rely on it for your business day in, day out.

Proper maintenance of your commercial catering equipment won’t just save you a few quid years down the line, it’s all-around good business sense.

Here are our top 5 tips for maintaining your commercial catering equipment.

1. Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines For Your Commercial Catering Equipment

This isn’t like an ordinary household appliance where the guidebook goes in the recycling bin with the box.

The manufacturer’s handbook is gold – a definitive guide to getting the best out of your kit for years to come.


This will include a cleaning and maintenance schedule which should be carefully followed. Make sure all warranties are activated and that you keep service records up to date, to be able to claim in the event of problems.

If you have happened to throw it away, check the manufacturer’s website for a pdf copy.

2. Establish and Follow a Cleaning Schedule

The most important part of maintaining your equipment is having a daily cleaning schedule. This needs to be clearly written out for employees to follow, according to the specific guidelines for each appliance.

It’s vital that this is done properly, so don’t skimp on training given to staff.

Also, conduct spot checks to monitor standards, as it’s easy for corners to be cut, leading to costly repair bills.

3. Use Soak Tanks

For tasks that require more than daily cleaning, decarbonising tanks / soak tanks could be a solution. They use specially designed chemicals to remove burnt on residue and built up grease.

They are especially good for removing grease from pretty much all metal cooking equipment, including hard to reach places like extractor grills.

You can either purchase or hire them. They could help you to economise on staff downtime spent cleaning and the harsh cumulative effects of scrubbing and using strong chemicals.

4. Have Regular Service Visits

For proper commercial catering equipment servicing, cleaning, and maintenance, at times it will be necessary to disassemble large appliances such as ovens and stoves to give them a thorough clean.

With all appliances, but especially those that run on gas, it is vital that they are serviced regularly.

This requires the attention of a professional gas engineer to keep in line with current health and safety standards.

5. Consider Deep Cleaning Services

Extractor systems also easily get clogged with grease, creating a fire hazard. If this is beyond your regular team, get in some cleaning professionals to have a deep clean done.

With specialist equipment and chemicals, having professionals come in periodically can maintain the life of your appliances and ensure high standards of hygiene for customers.

The Bottom Line on Maintaining Your Commercial Catering Equipment

The key to maintaining your commercial catering equipment in tip-top condition starts from day 1.

Set a good schedule and stick to it, schedule regular services and get extra cleaning help when needed.

At Property Heating Solutions our engineers are fully qualified to help with installing and servicing all commercial catering equipment, from extractor fans to commercial dishwashers and more.

Want to keep your commercial catering equipment in top shape all year round? Get in touch with us and arrange a visit today!

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