Commercial Appliance Repair London

Appliance Installation, Repair & Servicing in London & South East

Commercial Appliance Repair in London & the S. East

Are you looking for commercial appliance repairs for your London business?

When it comes to any commercial appliances, having them out-of-order can be devastating to the team members, customers and profit for any company.

That’s why we’ve perfected our service to provide professional and efficient call-outs with a response time of 1-2 hours.

Not only that, but we want to fix the problem the first time and get everything up and running again as soon as possible.

To help us fulfil our promise to you, we make sure we stock our vans well – now achieving a 90% first call-out fix rate.

We provide services in London on a large range of gas or electrical appliance issues, from a commercial microwave repair and commercial cookers, deep fryers and ovens to broken-down fridge and freezers or glass and commercial dishwashers.

In fact, we’re confident we can repair most commercial kitchen appliances.

Commercial Appliance Repair, Installation & Maintenance
Commercial Appliance Repair, Installation & Maintenance in London & the Home Counties

Commercial Kitchen Appliance Installation

Installing new commercial appliances takes technically trained professionals. Making sure your products are still in their warranty and that your commercial property is in safe, working order, we recommend you always seek professional assistance.

Accidentally making an error during this time, could cost you more than just the fee for installation. Gas appliances, in particular, must always be installed by a Gas Safe Engineer and the consequences of a mistake can be lethal.

CTA Commercial Appliances

Servicing and Preventative Maintenance

As well as reactive repairs, PHS engineers are here to provide servicing and planned, preventative maintenance measures on an equally wide range of commercial kitchen gas and electrical appliances.

Prevention is always better than cure and your wallet will thank you for seeking out that extra peace of mind.

For many commercial kitchen appliances, servicing is integral to keep your warranty in check.

However, there is more to PPM than that. Your assets are your business.

Regular maintenance will cost you less in the long run and a breakdown can be costly and cause you and your staff unnecessary stress.

You could have to wait for a part, which will only continue to increase anxiety in what is already a taxing situation.

Or worst case scenario, your poorly looked after asset could come to the end of its life much earlier than expected.

We can talk through planned maintenance packages with you that are best suited to your individual assets, your commercial kitchen space and your team.

Making sure your equipment is working and safe, at all times.  

CTA Commercial Appliances

PHS, for all your Commercial Kitchen Appliance Needs

Remember, having a reliable and efficient emergency reactive and preventative maintenance engineer on your books can be just as important as the equipment itself.

It’s a vital rule and in the fast-paced city of London, one you cannot afford to forget.

Give us a call for a quote or to talk through your options with a commercial engineer expert.