CLASSEQ Catering Equipment Repairs

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CLASSEQ Catering Equipment Repairs

Classeq claims that their “Classeq difference” gives their appliances enviable results that come above their competitors throughout the industry.

They combine reliability and efficiency to boast a range of products that provide top results with appliances that are easy to use and look good, too.

On top of this their warewashers and 100% of the internal components are sourced within the UK, giving them the edge on many of their competitors use mass-produced low-quality components to cut costs.

90% of Classeq Call Outs are Satisfied the First Time

In Staffordshire, Classeq has their own manufacturing plant to produce their own equipment. This ensures that company’s workforce and technology is unique and easy to access.

For some engineers, this causes issues, as the components can be less familiar than the mass produced and more widely seen parts they are used to seeing from competitors. However, there are big benefits too.

The stock is accessible and in the worst case scenario, if we don’t already have the part in stock we can get in delivered NEXT DAY. This is unlikely as at PHS, our record shows that call outs (90%) are satisfied first time, with no need for the redeployment of an engineer to follow up.

Choosing a PHS engineer who has been kept up-to-date and trained on all Classeq products means you will get a better insight into your appliance too as well as a quicker result.

CLASSEQ Catering Equipment Repairs

London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

Classeq Appliances Repairs

Classeq’s appliances (dishwashers, glasswashers etc) are used throughout all areas of the hospitality sector, but the company specialises in machines for tight/limited spaces. This particular technology is designed for use in planes and trains for example but it can make it difficult to work on from an engineer’s point of view.

That’s why it is important your choice of engineer has that specific knowledge on Classeq in order to locate the problem area and work around the carefully crafted technology without causing damage.

Of course, Classeq offer other, larger warewashing solutions. Quick and large solutions for restaurants and hotels, solutions that produce sparkling results to match a bars’ high standards, reliable and robust machines for the education sector and the best in hygiene standards to work well with businesses such as care homes.

Providing tailored solutions is what Classeq do very well, but this can make the impact of an unexpected breakdown even more detrimental.

Whether an issue arises to an appliance in a school, care home on a train or in a bar, not having a specific and key asset up and running can lose valuable income, upset customer satisfaction and cause upset and distress for employees.

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CLASSEQ Appliances Repair

London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

Full Range of Classeq Services

Our PHS engineers are ready to help throughout London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and Suffolk on all reactive calls and provide you with instant results but they are also trained to help prevent these kinds of emergencies in the future.

We offer planned, preventative maintenance solutions to suit you. Just like Classeq provides appliances to suit you, we want our services to fit in seamlessly with you, match your standards and work best to suit your individual needs.

From the installation of a new appliance to the servicing and maintenance services or existing assets, we can work out what’s best for your units and your business, working with a variety of business sizes.

Investing in a solution from PHS gives you engineers with training and understanding on each individual brand, including Classeq and all of their products/ranges, whilst giving you a service to suit your budget and an honest opinion on where that leaves your appliance.

From individual and regular filter changes to new parts, full breakdown repairs and sanitisation, call us today to discuss our full range of services and find what is best for you.