Broken Underfloor Heating Mat London

Locate & Repair Your UFH Mat in London & the South East

Broken Underfloor Heating Mat London - Locate & Repair

Broken Underfloor Heating Mat in London – Locate & Repair: Underfloor heating is fantastic. The benefits of rising heat will be perfect for the upcoming winter season, but what happens if your underfloor heating is broken and needs repair?

Underfloor heating mats are popular because they’re easy to install, can be retrofitted in your home and are cheaper solutions that don’t require a boiler. Since everything relies on electricity, you can easily add an underfloor heating mat to your home to give your family the warmth they deserve during the upcoming colder months.

Unfortunately, that convenience and ease of use comes at a price. Regular underfloor heating mats can be considered DIY projects and most people choose to install them with advice on the internet. While most of the advice is sound and can help you install your underfloor heating mat, they can be fragile due to their design.

While some cheaper models are perfect to get started with, they simply don’t last very long and aren’t made to be cut to size due to how the circuitry works. As a result, poorly-installed underfloor heating mats can become problematic and may break or develop faults sooner than you’d expect.

At PHS, we offer some of the industry’s most talented heating engineers. They can help you locate the source of your problem and have your underfloor heating mat fixed before your kids come home. Our experience gives us the confidence and knowledge to carry out virtually any task you throw at us.

If you’re looking for an underfloor heating mat repair solution in London, then you’ve come to the right place.

Broken Underfloor Heating Mat Repair London

UFH Mat Repair Specialists You Can Count On

Although properly-installed underfloor heating mats are known to be reliable and durable, it doesn’t mean that they can’t suffer from damage or break over time. It could be something as simple as a wire being loose, or it could be something wrong with the heating unit itself. Regardless of the issue, PHS vows to locate the issue and fix it for you within a short timeframe.

It can be difficult trying to diagnose what the issue could be. While underfloor heating mats are relatively simple to install, locating the failure point could require a complete disassembly of the system unless you have experts such as our engineers on the case.

With years of experience in the field, our experts can quickly test your heating mat to locate the source of the problem. You’ll be informed what the issue is, how we plan to fix it, and also give you any additional care information for your underfloor heating mat.

Whatever your request or issue may be, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or assistance regarding your underfloor heating mat. We understand that with winter coming, it’s even more important to keep your house nice and toasty so you don’t have to suffer in the cold.

Underfloor heating mats are fantastic electric heating solutions that can evenly distribute heat around your home, so make sure they’re working properly and repaired in time for when the temperature drops.

Broken UFH Mat Repair London

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