Boiler Repair in Kensington

Boiler & Heating Repairs Have Just Become Easier & Stress-free

Boiler Repair in Kensington | Installation & Servicing

Faulty boilers or those requiring repairs can be very inconvenient, not to mention costly, especially leaking boilers. At PHS Engineers, we aim to put an end to recurring boiler issues in your property in Kensington by catering to your maintenance needs regularly in the most efficient way possible.

What we pride ourselves on most is our transparency. Just like we aim to eliminate your boiler’s repetitive issues, we equally aim to remove recurring costs out of the equation. That’s why, if we believe that your boiler’s lifespan has come to an end and is no longer economically viable to repair, we’ll give you our unbiased advice against repairing it.

Do we just leave you there, then?

Absolutely not. We’ll go the extra mile of providing you with a free quote on installing a new efficient boiler (yes, we install boilers too!), and just like that, you’ll receive a remarkable service with optimal solutions for your needs.

Boiler repair in Kensington has just become easier and stress-free!

Boiler Repair in Kensington

Our boiler repair services are handled by boiler repair experts who can proficiently diagnose and repair your boiler issues and get your boiler fixed and functioning properly in no time.

Which Boiler Models Do We Repair?

At PHS Engineers, we fix all boiler makes and models, and we mean it. Simply, if you need a boiler repair in Kensington, consider it done. Our engineers have years’ worth of experience up their sleeves, empowering them to grasp the ins and outs of a wide variety of makes and models through first-hand experience.

Below are some examples:

And the list goes on – please find here all the boiler brands we support.

There’s nothing PHS Engineers haven’t seen, and we’re ready to diagnose your boiler and its part to ensure the correct fix for it in the most economical way we could.

What Boiler Repair Issues Can We Handle?

As we were saying, we’ve seen it all. Our heating engineers are equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and most of all, skill, to ensure that your boiler’s issue is diagnosed and repaired to the highest standards. Some of the most recurring problems that we’re sought for daily include:

  • Leaking boilers
  • Banging noises produced by boilers
  • Boilers not igniting
  • Low boiler pressure
  • Inefficient gas central heating
  • Cold radiators
  • No hot water

Some of these issues are easier to be observed by you as a home or business owner, as the lack of hot water, for example, while others need professionals to step in. What we’re saying is: don’t doubt yourself if you feel that your boiler isn’t performing as it should be. It doesn’t have to be visibly leaking for an issue to be present.

Emergency? We’ve Got You Covered!

It’s not possible to pinpoint when your boiler decides to stop working, leak, or malfunction. But what’s possible is for those situations to happen when they’re least favoured and welcomed, in which case you’ll need an emergency boiler repair in Kensington.

When that happens, it’s worth noting down that you can call us straight away anytime. Attending to our customers quickly has always been our strong suit, and we’ll always place fixing your boiler as a matter of top priority. We’ve brought relief to thousands of residents!

Central Heating Repair in Kensington

Along with our boiler repair in Kensington services, our team is fully trained to handle central heating issues, particularly central heating leak detection and repair. We’ve come across numerous customers who’d just tell us the same concern – they see the damage occurring, but they can’t identify its source.

Over the years, we’ve found that most of the time, the customers who were expressing that concern had issues with their central heating system, which happened to be the cause of the leak. Therefore, if you’ve done all that you can to pinpoint the source of the issue and your boiler is dry and functioning correctly, the leak is probably from a central heating pipe.

Once again, your solution is as simple as giving us a call, whenever! We’ll immediately send over one of our professional engineers to your location, and from there, leak finding will be their ultimate priority. And once it’s found, it’ll be eliminated on the spot before it leaves long-lasting damages on your property.

And as an added extra, we employ the latest detection technology to minimize time and disruption. You won’t need to take the day off to be there while technicians attempt to pinpoint the source of the leak because simply, it won’t take even hours!

Why Trust PHS Engineers?

Years of Hands-On Experience

At PHS Engineers, we’ve been in the business for years. That type of expertise and exposure to a multitude of different experiences, both domestically and commercially, empowers us to carry out all tasks with utmost efficiency, professionalism, and care.

24/7 Services

We’re always there when emergencies arise. Both boiler and central heating issues are serious and need to be attended to immediately, which is why we’re always a call away. Whenever you notice the leaks or faults, give us a call, and be sure that we’ll be there at the soonest.

Upfront Quotes

No hidden fees, no extra charges! We always give you a quote for our services before we start working, and what we say is what you pay—no unexpected scenarios in any way.

Get in Touch!

Competitive rates, peace of mind, 24/7 services, and reliable results are what you get when you opt for PHS Engineers as your go-to choice for a boiler or central heating repair in Kensington! Let us take care of your home as we did with countless customers, and you’ll see for yourself that you couldn’t be in safer hands.

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