BLUE SEAL Equipment Repairs

BLUE SEAL Appliance Installation, Servicing & Maintenance
London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

BLUE SEAL Equipment Repairs

If you need to find a repair engineer for Blue Seal catering equipment you’ve come to the right place. Our engineers at PHS exercise an excellent breadth of knowledge across an entire A-Z of manufacturers, including Blue Seal.

This global manufacturer has offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US, exporting to over 50 countries globally, with their main manufacturing facilities located in Australia and New Zealand.

Whilst purchasing equipment from one of the biggest catering equipment companies in the foodservice industry is a safe bet, it can become difficult to locate somebody in your local area that is actually an expert in this global equipment, who also has access to high numbers of stock and parts.

BLUE SEAL Appliances Specialists

Our services are offered in London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk and Hertfordshire and our PHS catering equipment engineers are comprehensive on the brand’s designs, development and the full range of equipment.

Our team are familiar and highly trained to tackle faults on everything, from bratt pans, cooktops, glasswashers and dishwashers, griddles, induction cooktops, ovens and oven ranges, stockpots, woks, barbecues, chargrills, holding cabinets, noodle and pasta cookers, hood washers, fryers, combi-steam ovens and much more.

We are confident that we can help with all equipment throughout the bakery and foodservice industry. Give us a call if you have a query about something that isn’t listed above.

BLUE SEAL Catering Equipment Repairs

London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

First-time Fix Rate on 9/10 BLUE SEAL Callouts

If you are looking for Blue Seal catering equipment repairs in this area, log a call with us and we will do everything we can to give you a result on the same day because we understand how important it is to prevent more issues during an emergency.

We can be with you within 1-2 hours and thanks to our engineer’s expertise and our well-stocked vehicles, we are able to achieve a first-time fix rate on 9/10 callouts.

Industry-wide our callout responses have helped prevent more problems, kept staff calm and in control and allowed your business to run as usual without your customers noticing a change in your service.

BLUE SEAL Service & Maintenance

London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire

BLUE SEAL Appliances Servicing & Maintenance

Over the last 90 years, Blue Seal’s innovative equipment has seen the design and manufacture of some groundbreaking technology. Including large-scale rotating deck ovens that were the first in Australia’s local market.

They also developed the Genesis automated baking systems and the convection oven platforms which have been used by global chains such as Subway and McDonalds.

This sort of innovation from Blue Seal has revolutionised bakeries and kitchens all over the globe, seeing the technology transfer into cafes, supermarkets, judicial and government buildings as well as bars and clubs.

With innovative equipment of this nature in your grasp, why would you not treat it as the major investment that it is?

When you encounter a problem and need a repair, it is important to ask yourself if you have been servicing and maintaining your equipment sufficiently.

As with all good manufacturers, Blue Seal offer warranties on their products, but we regularly see businesses suffer financially when they fail to remember their warranty has come to an end by which point it is too late and extra costs are beginning to rack up.

Skipping annual inspections could be putting your business and your people at risk.

Some insurance policies require all equipment to be regularly checked, for instance, is your electrical equipment PAT tested? Is your technology working in the way it should be, or is it becoming less efficient and costing you more money to run it than necessary?

If you need a repair, call the team to get a solution today and if you haven’t already considered it, you may need to think about what maintenance your appliances require to prevent these emergencies in the future!