Annual Boiler Service

How Often Should a Boiler Be Serviced & When

Annual Boiler Service

It may seem like right now, your heating really isn’t high up on your list of things to do, but Spring and Summer is the time to get somebody in.

Every year your boiler should receive a service. But did you know certain times of the year are best for boiler services?

It may seem like right now, your heating really isn’t high up on your list of things to do, but Spring and Summer is the time to get somebody in.

Why Spring / Summer is the Best Time to Get your Boiler Checked?

All through the winter, your boiler has been working more than usual, potentially at full capacity if it’s been a long, cold winter. It isn’t just about the wear and tear, your boiler may be enduring but it’s also to do with the dirt and debris that has collected throughout the previous season.

Obviously, you could leave your boiler all summer long and probably not need it. However, when it comes to turning it back on, during that first cold autumnal night come September / October, you could be in for quite a shock.

Nobody wants to lose their hot water and heating when they need it most. Not to mention it’s during the winter months that gas engineers are in highest demand, so you could end up with a long wait at the worst time, too!

What Actually is an Annual Boiler Service?

Let’s cover what an annual service to your boiler actually is, before discussing why you should always have one. According to the Gas Safe Register, a correct service will be made up of a safety check and an appliance service.

The safety check will look to see if the gas is burning correctly and if enough air supply is going to the appliance. They will also check the environment to see if the surrounding area is suitable and if it is stable enough to support the appliance. The heating engineer will check for correctly connected pipework and ensure flues and chimneys are operating properly.

Meanwhile, the annual boiler service will look into the safety checks and then also do any further inspections. From an in-depth analysis of the combustion exhaust gases to checking the condition of the appliance, checking for signs of wear and tear, distress and dirt.

The service will also be to check if the heat exchangers have gathered dust / debris and if the seals and gaskets are becoming ineffective. The list could go on, but it will vary from model to model and engineers can fill you in on what they are doing if you have any queries or doubts.

Annual Boiler Service

Why Bother?

Scheduling your annual boiler service should be in your calendar and done every year without fail.

But it’s another cost that many people don’t bother with and it isn’t just about preventing a breakdown, it can be about getting the most from your boiler too and saving you money!

An annual check-up could significantly extend the lifespan of your boiler.

Here’s what looking after your asset can do:

  1. If a boiler is clogged with debris, the likelihood is it won’t be running at its most efficiency. An inefficient boiler is a costly one, with extra costs in the short and long term. From an increase in energy bills to paying out for replacement parts, getting a one-off annual check will save you money.
  2. Whenever it comes to gas, safety is the key concern. If a faulty boiler is producing fumes and poisonous gases, your entire home could be at risk – including the people inside it. Putting your family at risk could be easily prevented by having a quick annual service that will spot any problems through early intervention. If your boiler isn’t due a service but you spot any of these urgent warning signs or it does not seem to be working properly, please get in touch with a heating engineer immediately:
    – the appliance is burning with a yellow flame not a blue one
    – visible black marks are appearing on the appliance
    – there is condensation in the room
    – the pilot light repeatedly goes out
  3. As we mentioned earlier, a cold winter without hot water or heating is the last thing anybody wants. To avoid this uncomfortable and horrible experience, servicing a boiler in the summer months will make the most of the gas engineers when they have more availability and flexibility. Remember when it comes to any gas appliances, you should only use Gas Safe Registered engineers. It is a requirement by law that all gas engineers should be registered with Gas Safe but this doesn’t stop illegal workers doing unsafe inspections and causing more issues.

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